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I'm writing an article about email marketing. I have quite a few things to say myself, I was wondering what you all have to say? If it helps my target market is a specific type of service business.

Topics I Plan To Cover In My Article:

Why Email Marketing

The client base is the most valuable asset of any company, email marketing allows you to track, nurture, and grow that client base

How Do I Get Them To Give Me Their Email?

By giving away content, you would salivate yourself for, read, use, and tell others about.

What Type Of Emails Should I Send

Thank You
I Miss You (If they haven't purchased in a while)
& Much More

Automate Your Emails

Schedule emails to be sent automatically in the future
Automate your follow up via email
Auto responders
Opt In Forms

There is more to my article than what I wrote above. But you get the general idea, what is it missing, what should I add?

Thanks In Advance For Your Help,
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    Don't send emails every day
    Don't overpromote, don't be too salesey
    The money is not in the list, it's in the relationship with your list
    Reciprocation and The Godfather Method - a very nice analogy put forward by Frank Kern
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      Indubitably it should include a word or two regarding spam, the CAN SPAM Act, using bulk leads, and some of the required legal disclaimers.
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    Point out that your email list should be about building relationships and trust. Its not about selling all the time. People hate to be sold to. But when you build a relationship with them, they will gladly invest in what you recommend.
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      Hmmm I think you CAN sell to your list every day, as some very advanced warriors and other marketers suggest (e.g. Ryan Deiss), but this only works if you provide tremendous value at the same time (or perceived value as in the case of someone who has fame or celebrity status on his side).

      You can provide tremendous value per email and provide a soft-sell toward the end, or even a hard-sell. Depending on your niche also, your recommendations can have much value in themselves.

      Buuuut for most of us, and especially if you're starting out I believe it's best to provide value through content-only emails, build trust and a good relationship that way and make the occasional pitch.

      As Frank Kern said in one of his seminars (lol, funny guy)... 'just stick the tip of the pitch in'
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    You may want to include things about testing what's right for your list, e.g. seeing what results you get when emailing at certain times of the day, certain frequencies, different types of offers and so on. Because blanket statements like "don't email every day" just aren't true - it all depends on your own personal list and the relationship you have with them.
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    I got a question(s): Do you have a list already? And if so, do you have some sort of site with a landing page to collect email info? Or, do you get email info from here and other sites like this? 'Cause you were asking how to get email info.

    Anyway, I would suggest after giving a little content, you might suggest offering your wonderful information to your prospects by way of an email in some sort of weekly newsletter or a blog. But, ask! I personally hate those pop ups that float in front of your screen,, I always just click off those things.

    Make a friend first and move from there. People will be glad to hook up with you if you're honest, not too sales'y. (?,, not a word) I think being cool is key. Not pushy like the asshole guru's.

    Robert X


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