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I would like to tap the community for some ideas on a project I am working on. I have a client that sells whimsical garden and home sculptures made from stone. The market is consumers who enjoy whimsical art and tend to be gardeners and lovers of nature.

They currently sell through wholesalers, retail, and eCommerce. It is the eCommerce I am working on. We have boosted traffic from a variety of sources, mostly social media, but a few other sources including search engines. However our bounce rates have also increased and our conversions haven't really gone up.

I was hoping to ask for some thoughts on how to improve conversions for people who already visit the web site. Here are the issues as I see them...

  • Writing long form copy doesn't really affect sales because it is art with nice photos. Either you like it or you don't. I am not convinced writing long copy would help.
  • We have used videos on some of the product pages and it seems to help a little, but not a ton.
  • We have really nice photos and a Flash viewer so you can mouse over the photo and see really close up so buyers can see EXACTLY what they are buying.
  • Price is very affordable in my opinion, about $25 average with some up to $40, but that is rare. Seems to be very well in line with other art web sites. Unfortunately they are unique pieces so there is no way to do a true apples to apples comparison with someone else.
  • We have tons of search, key word searches and categories to make it easy to find products.
  • Site is easy to use
However as I said the traffic is up, but so is the bounce rate and conversions seem to be about the same. Email is the primary way we use to communicate with past and prospective customers. It seems to work reasonably well, but could use some changes. However right now I want to confine the discussion to just boosting conversions.

Given a site like this what suggestions would you give to boost conversions or where would you tell me to go look for ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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    Tell them what you want them to do better. Make it more clear and obvious.

    I see a lot of sites online that do not tell the traffic what they want them to do.

    Make it so apparently obvious, yet mix it into the design by getting focused on the end result.
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