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Hi all,
I'm not cyber literate. Have something strange going on. A bunch of the text from one of my websites was "harvested" and the words were then all jumbled with other words..not on my site and then it was all posted on pages that were added on to someone else's site (that owner was unaware)... along with a lot of "harvested" photos from a whole bunch of sites. Basically, nothing on the page that contains my harvested words makes any sense at all.

I have notified my web host (very helpful, they don't feel like my site is harmed), and Go Daddy who hosts the other site as well as the owner of the other site. There are people working on this to correct it. I've had a couple calls from them today..telling me they've never seen anything like it.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this happening before?

The "add-on" pages to the other persons site are hidden some how.. so if you search their site, they don't show up anywhere. I also tried finding out how long those pages had been online.. and the computer told me that... they didn't exist!

I think this was just a random thing.. but would like to make sure.

Any info is appreciated and thank you!

Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before?
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    Originally Posted by Darla Kay View Post

    A bunch of the text from one of my websites was "harvested" and the words were then all jumbled with other words
    Then it's arguably no longer text from your website. It's new text.

    For example, this is not a quote of your post:

    Then A bunch the my websites text the words arguably your website of from it's one of was no longer "harvested" and text from were new then It's other words all jumbled with text

    Now that it's been jumbled up with the first line of this post, it's not the same text. You'd have a difficult time claiming any kind of ownership or copyright on it.

    Some people are dicks. They steal things and hack them onto other people's websites. All you can really do is take down the crap they posted.
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      That is a very interesting point... (jumbled=not my text)

      I can't take it down.. it's on someone else's website. The headings on the tops of each page are still the same as on my website and the name I am publicly known by. I mentioned there are a lot of photos... not one of them is mine, but some of them are marked with the photographers name and at least a couple have copyright marks.

      It does sound like people are working on it to get the pages taken down, but are baffled at what they are seeing.. so I thought I'd ask the Pros (the members of this forum).

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