Right O Guru's, I need a hand. (best value advertising method.)

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Right O Guru's, I need a hand with marketing and promotion.

* I have a new site. ( earner.net )
* The sites theme is "Network for Jobs, Services, Files and Projects"
* It has "Projects" similar to elance, odesk, scriptlance and co..
* It has "Services" and "Files" similar to Fiverr, Zeerk and co..

What I want is:
* Freelancers to bid on the Projects that are there now
* Project creators to create projects
* People with Gigs to list their stuff

Question for the Gurus:
What is the most effective form of advertising for me?

I have the blog auto-publishing to the social-networking sites i've create:
Earnernet | Facebook
earner.net - Earn Money Online
EarnerNet (EarnerNet) on Twitter
Michael Ussher (Michael) on Myspace
Earner Network | LinkedIn
Michael Ussher in Tokyo, Japan - Sonico Japan
Updates - View an update and leave a comment - Yahoo! Pulse

I have an image signature on the warrior forum (see below)

I have an ad tracking system to tell me how well my adverts convert to signups....(5% this month from the warrior forum sig, real happy with that.)

So whats next. How do I get this site moving.

I know you guys will know where i need to put my money to get the best bang for the buck.

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