breakthrough in real estate investing

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I've been using an extremely successful marketing strategy for targeting pre-foreclosure leads.

I basically get all my marketing done for free and make a few thousand dollars in the process.

I'm now turning it into a course and am looking for a few testimonials.

It's a short course - about 25 pages and it's about 90% complete but I'm looking for people that have at least a minor bit of real estate investing knowledge to review it and provide a testimonial.

Go ahead and email me or PM if you're interested.

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    I am into flipping houses and my business partner is a broker.
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    H Luke,

    I've been trading & dealing in real estate in Europe for 30 years, I'd be happy to do an honest review for you.


    Carl Henry
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      Hi Luke

      I have a couple of investment properties. I have seen it all and been badly burned in the process. But I also have had some real success.

      I would be happy to review this for you. I will give you an honest opinion - warts and all.

      Best of luck with your venture.

      Kind regards

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        Thanks everyone for your offer to help.

        I wouldn't mind getting a few more if possible.

        it's short, only about 23 pages currently.

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    Hi Luke-

    I've been in RE investing for a few years as well and have been to umteen seminars and courses as well. You can throw my hat into the ring for another opinion on your marketing course if you'd like. Just PM me and I'll be glad to review it for you.


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    Hi Luke,
    Real estate is a passion of mine and my 'other' business to IM. I've invested mostly in the UK bu also have a little knowledge 'over the pond'. I'm happy to review for you and give you an honest view!

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  • Profile picture of the author Carl Henry
    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for sending over your package, it seem that you are trying to provide a real 'value added' service and you are prepared to work for the good of the sellers during a very stressful time.

    Your planned high quality presentation & selection of co-suppliers should be a real winner!

    Very good luck with the launch,

    Carl Henry
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      If you need a review...I would be more then happy to provide one for you.

      Cheers !

      Chris Negro

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