How To Build Trust With Your Subscribers!!!

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Hey everyone,

ive been thinking and thinking for quite some time now, ans sort of struggling. Basically my question is:

What is the best way the build trust with my subscribers?

Im currently adding emails to my autoresponder and firsrtly what im doing is sending an email with what they opted in for obviously and directing them to my blog, im actually sending them directly to the "About Me" page. Just so they get to "Know" who i actually am.

Then im sending them a couple emails with helpful blog posts etc, 1 or 2 free gifts, to get them to like me.

Know im looking to get them to trust me, im not sure about how i accomplish this. Because to me yes ive sent them to my blog and sent them to some great blog posts ive written, but i wouldnt have said that would have built trust, or would it? im not sure.

MY 2nd question is:

Obviously filling up my AR with great content is good but at the same time im looking to use it as a good funnel to obvioulsy make money with. Im not filling it up with any clickbank crap, im actually a Lee Mcintyre affiliate and his stuff is extremely good stuff which works.

Anyway my question is, when can i start dropping in a promotional type offer. Because i dont want to in my first email tell them im not gonna be sending you promotional emails every day. then the next day. "hey ive got something fantastic you should look at". Thus breaking the relationship/Trust.

But at the same time i want my funnel to be making money for me. if im adding 50-100 subs a day then they should be being sold to.

Hopefully this all made sense and i would love to here your feedback


Jonny Balfour
#build #subscribers #trust

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