How to create a successful contest?

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I have this question for my friend. He is creating a blog with multiple authors. The author with the top post at the end of each week will receive a special prize. He have an arrangement with a US based online store that makes this very easy, and I get free shipping.

Here's the problem: Many of the authors who want to contribute do not live in the United States, and if they win the contest I cannot afford to pay $20 for international shipping.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? What can he do differently?

Thank you!!
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    PromoDirect! What's up yo! haha

    So it sounds like you're worried about the shipping, with that being said you're looking to give away a tangible product I'm assuming right? If that's the case the solution is actually pretty simple.

    Here's what you do: Go ahead and head over to and check out all the products they have for sale. So for instance if you were planning on giving away a laptop (again I'm not sure what type of tangible prize you're giving way.) you would simply find the laptop you were planning on shipping in the first place. If it costs say $375 for a mini notebook, then simply send an online giftcard via email to the winner of the contest. This will give them the $375 Amazon Giftcard which they can then spend on the laptop you were going to give them in the first place, or anything else they'd like!

    I look at it this way, you can either send the winner something they may not like, or you can send them the Amazon giftcard digitally and then they can buy something for themselves that they actually want you know?

    Either way it's a win win situation, then you can have them make a youtube video tutorial which gives more kudos to you, and more credibility over all. Which means even more contestants next time around. Then you can scale up, make more money, give more prizes away, etc.

    Hope this helped! Cheers!
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