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Hey guy's

Forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

I would appreciate it if you could review my sales page. This is my very first attempt at anything like this.

I will advertise it on a forum where my niche hangs around, often complaining that things aren't going their way.

So here it is;

many thanks!
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    Only had a quick look, seems like too many red headlines at the top, I might merge the top 2 points into a compound sentence.

    You might place the first 30 customers only!!! in sight of the first buy button and mention the price increase.

    I'm always surprised when a .com site is not selling in Dollars. A geo IP script could send U.S. traffic to a different sales page (if the product is applicable)

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    It's not bad, if anything the best thing you can do is solve people's problems before they even realize they had one. I would suggest going to clickbank, checking out some of the top sales copy and basically mimicking it in your own words. The reason I say do this is because the product creators with the most sales usually have the most affiliates and their product converts because they have EXCELLENT copy.

    So if you want to be the best, learn from the best. Other than that I would say get images on the actual testimonials, maybe a few video testimonials always puts icing on the cake. Other than that not bad for your first time, keep up the good work, cheers!
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    i think it's ok,the only thing i like is not too lenthy
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    It's not bad really. Just a little improvement and it will look great.
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    Had a quick glance. Here are my observations

    1) Agree with others that there are too many red headlines in the beginning. I would suggest that you reduce the number of questions appearing in the beginning as well

    2) Why the first testimonial is in dull green color and others are in proper placeholders?

    3) In the benefits section there is some repetition .. for example, I am able to wake up when I want and in the very next paragraph there is I don't have to get up early

    4) The colors of bonus section strain the eyes.

    Other than that I find it a very good effort, needs some minor tweaks and it will look great

    Good luck,

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    First of all you need to work a little on design, the blue on bonuses hurts my eyes. Instead of text testimonials Get some videos testimonials, you can get them as low as $5 from fieverr. Talk but don't show yourself , record your screen while browsing and put more weight on your product, at the end show some earnings; make sure the video looks pro.
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