PaySpree - any recent news about this?

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I'm thinking of signing up for PaySpree (as a vendor) and wondered if anyone has any recent feedback about it.

The reason I ask is that most of the information I can find is from last year, the thread on here ( ) fizzled out about 6 months ago and Gary McCaffrey who is a member on here doesn't seem to have posted much recently about his service.

It looks good, but I get the feeling it may not really be an ongoing thing. I've also looked at RapBank which looks far more sorted, but also much more complex, not to mention more costly to start up (PaySpree is totally free to get going).

Any feedback appreciated, especially from Gary if you read this, as couldn't find any contact info on the website other than support tickets.
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    If there's anything in particular you want to ask, PM me.

    It is most definitely an ongoing thing, and there are some major upgrades to the site/service happening very soon.

    I don't post here much (never really have, and I've been here a while) but I'm still here and can always be contacted.
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      Hi Gary,

      I just started promoting a product on PaySpree and was surprised to find out that our affiliate reports do not show clicks data unless a sale is actually made? This seems unusual compared to other platforms like Clickbank and was wondering if this feature will be added any time soon? At this point I have no idea if the clicks that I've been sending are actually being tracked or not by Payspree which is disconcerting.

      Thanks for any input you can provide.
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    I have noticed the same thing... i have started sending traffic to a couple PaySpree products and the system is NOT tracking my clicks/uniques.

    So.. it will only show that data AFTER i made an affiliate sale?? That sucks!
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