E-Book Epiphany...Potential Traffic Using "Forward to Friend" Method

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Hi folks,

First post. I'm a real estate investor in Baltimore, MD, and I've got some ideas in the works.

I'm 22 years old, graduated last year, but I've flipped around 12 houses so far this year, so I'm beginning to establish credibility amongst my colleagues and stand out because of my age.

My goal is to give an E-Book out FREE to start building a targeted list of my peers in Generation Y that would benefit from the knowledge I've acquired this last year in real estate. Mainly, leads would be coming from free Social media traffic. Once they DL the E-book and get to the juicy parts, I want to CUT THEM OFF and have a link saying something like "Before I reveal the secrets...click this link and invite 3 of your friends that will most benefit from this book to see the remainder of the information"....which will send them the COMPLETE E-book as well as drive 3 more folks to the opt-in page...and so on...

HOW THE HELL CAN I DO THIS? Any good "forward to a friend" apps you guys know of for Wordpress??

Using OptimizePress for the squeeze page on my blog.

Thanks guys!

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