Groupon 4 IM Products???

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This idea popped in my head this afternoon. (Maybe its being done I don't know haven't seen it at least)

Basically the IDEA is have a site like groupon but just for IM products.

You could have thousands of IM buyers ready for the next product each day at a BIG discount.

The Product creator loves it as its a ton of sales in a short time.
You love it as you make a % of each sale
Customer loves it as (If done right) they get a GREAT product at a GREAT price.

If you see all the WF products that hit the market each day etc..

The list could be built via ad swaps with the product creators, or adswaps elsewhere, solo ads etc..

You in a short time could have a list of BUYERS that want to see your message each day.

I know with groupon its all different stuff each day such as hair, food, entertainment etc..

With this could be different each day with traffic, product creation, coaching, etc..

As far as software I thought I saw an IMer a couple of weeks ago promoting groupon type software (hollis something maybe I don't recall sorry)

I have other things I am working on so this isn't something I am going to persue but thought I would post and maybe help someone else out. I think it is something that could make a person six figures a year and if you do cut me a check. :>

have a good day
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    Sounds interesting!
    If you think of it the WF plays such a role to an extent...
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your creative thoughts!
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    Yeah this is a great idea, but I think you'd need a few big names in the IM niche to get the momentum going.

    Once it was popular enough, the competition to get your product on that site would be insane. Still interesting though.

    In the dating niche? We should talk.

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  • Profile picture of the author clarktr2 is doing something kind of like that already.
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      Haha well you better get on it before someone takes the idea!
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    A similar thing was done a couple of years ago at DealDotCom - Today's Deal - NicheFiles

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    Or, Russell Brunson's ... probably the best version I've seen.

    -Gary Ambrose
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    P.P.S. Viral Marketing Doesn't Work ... Tell Everyone You Know! ;)
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    There is lOts of things like thIs. I think I will set One up just to warrior fOrum. If you have any more idea about it tell me
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