The "New" Secret Weapon of 2009 ... Shhh!

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Well, here's something that I think most people ignore.
After you've been working at your online business for
a while, you're going to make some money.

It's a glorious thing.

I don't know how much you're going to make but if you
stick to your plan you will make money. That's awesome.

Here's where the story gets a little sad.

Many people work harder and harder. As a result they
make more and more money. But --

They hit a wall. Bam!

"But I can't make more than $___ per month!"

I see this again and again. I hear it all the time. And,
it's something that has happened to me many times. My
brother and I talk about it about every 2-3 months.

"Zut! We've hit the wall again!"

But there is a solution. It's something that most people
ignore. I've already given you the answer in fact...

_____ MONEY

No, not making money. It ain't that hard to pull down
some cash. It's all those pesky barriers to making even
more of it.

So, the real answer is


That's right.

When you hit the wall -- and you will, trust me -- you
need to start spending more money.

This is counterintuitive, I know. It doesn't make a lot
of sense until you start to think about your business.
You need to maximize your effort and exploit your assets
which includes your cash.

You need to drive the strategy. You need to make the
plans. You need to find JV partners. You need to do a
lot of other things to increase you business.

Let your cash work for you while you run your business:

* Outsource web site development
* Outsource article writing
* Outsource copywriting
* Outsource affiliate management


* Spend money on advertising
* Spend money on tools
* Spend money on backlink services
* Spend money on research

The list goes on and on. Stop doing "low value"
and "time sucking" work. Let your money do the
trench work. Let your money get down in the
weeds. Let your money sweat.

This is profitable...

This "new" weapon is something you need to do
to rapidly make progress in 2009. Even $10-20 can
make a difference. Re-invest and prosper. Don't
waste that cash. Make it spit out more money for
you. This is your new Secret Weapon.

~ John
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      Excellent, John.

      One additional thought.

      When you say "spend money on your business" or "put the money back into your business", to many that means buying more instruction manuals or tools that will be better than the ones they're using.

      As you know, this will not put money in your pocket down the road. Well ok. Maybe it will - eventually. But your advice is much more profitable...

      By putting your money into the services you are already doing yourself, you free yourself up so you can build your business. You can grow into new areas, rather than stagnating in old ones and repeatedly hitting that brick wall.

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  • Profile picture of the author Angela V. Edwards
    I agree. Excellent information, John.

    That's information that Jeremy just touched on, too in his "anniversary" post. He had hit that ceiling and was taught that he needed to spend money. Once he did that, the forward momentum picked up once again.

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