Peel Away Ad on EXIT software? anyone know of it?

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Anyone know a peel away ad solution that I can install on a stand alone server that will ONLY peel away when the user is ready to exit the landing page?

I now of a monthly subscription services that can do this but cannot believe there is not a stand alone server version of peel away ads that will only show on a user exit.

The key is, it needs to only do the peel away when user tries to exit and no other time.

Any help on such a piece of software? thanks in advance
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    I think there's a site builder called incomedia x5 or something like that, they got peel ad. But you gotta buy the entire site builder.

    PS:Incomedia, thx me for freely promoting your. hahaha. just kidding.
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    Hi - You could try using normal exit software that shows a page that contains a peel away ad. I think that would work... regards Allen

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    Peel Away ads are typically javascript powered, meaning they only exist on the pages you want them to show up on, and you can also use PHP and or to decide what popup if any shows up when. e.g. I sometimes use different peelups depending if the use has been on for a few seconds, vs has stayed through the pitch.
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