HELP please! Facebook is driving me mad...!

by ak2000
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I must have submitted this ad (and variations of it) at least a dozen times by now and it keeps getting disapproved for either the same or different reasons

Title: Free forex indicator?


The content of this ad does not accurately reflect the product or service advertised. Ads must clearly disclose what actions are required to receive the product or service. The landing page must also explicitly state to what extent a user's information will be used or distributed. Before resubmitting your ad, please visit our Help Center for additional information and examples compliant with our Advertising Guidelines.

The ad is leading to this landing page: Make Hundreds Of Pips As We Face The Largest Rally In History

I've tried to contact Facebook to solve this but haven't got anywhere yet...

Any facebook expert would like to share have advice / have a guess at why this keeps getting disapproved?

Thanks a bunch in advance!
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    FREE is a big red flag these days, any strings attached, like requiring an opt-in is enough to get the ad shot down for being an untruth.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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      Originally Posted by webapex View Post

      FREE is a big red flag these days, any strings attached, like requiring an opt-in is enough to get the ad shot down for being an untruth.
      Thanks Webapex, so I suppose removing the term FREE?

      (removing the optin would void the purpose of the campaign...)

      I'll try and keep you posted!
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    That means its your adcopy typically....however...

    If your ad says anything about marking some specific amount of money they don't like it.

    Also, anything thats a "download" they get strict on. Why not change your lander to say Get this Free, but not say "download."
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    Oh, and I've also said "free" and "100% free" plenty of times, have a couple ads right now that say it.

    The other option is literally, they don't see your headline and copy being related to the headline on your lander.
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    Facebook is like Google in that they don't like anything that relates to making money online, get rich quick schemes etc. Your landing page LOOKS like one of these types of products. You might have a hard time getting this approved...
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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts

    Just got this advert "disapproved"...and that's with the lander headline very much matching the facebook ad...what the heck...

    Title: Free: Forex indicator
    Image: same as previous
    Text: Get our Forex TrendMaster indcator at no cost. Click here
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    You just wouldn't believe this...

    Just got the first ad approved...I then go in an add some interests to the targeting field (all in the same niche)...goes for approval again (?) and then, with exactly the same copy, etc...they disapprove it!!

    This is incredible...

    Anyhow, enough of my rantings!
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    Frustrating it is!

    Why not just use Google Adwords, or Facebook Paid Ads, or Stumbleupon ads?

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    Hi Tony, adswords is prohibitively expensive but stumbleupon could well be worth it!
    (were you referring to a third type or isn't this Facebook Paid Ads?)
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    You must quit Facebook... I had a bad experience with them... their support service is careless... they don't care about the members inquiries quickly. Instead you must try Google or LinkedIn... both of them are good at customer service.
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