Volusion Alternatives?

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I recently purchased a website, which was built on volusion. I don't like how I am stuck with volusion templates and I can't install a wordpress blog on the back end of it. I'm assuming there are some better e-commerce solutions out there... Can anyone recommend any?
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    All ecommerce platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. As an ecommerce developer, I usually prefer not going with an all inclusive out of the box solution. If you can afford, get a HQ ecommerce developer and go for the custom fit.
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    Big Commerce is one of the best without going with your own custom built solution. It has all the bells and whistles.
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    Hello Bondtana,

    You might try installing the cart into your WP blog. There are some great resources for that on Ehow.

    Please let us know if we can help with anything as you continue to explore Volusion.
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    Not sure if you feel comfortable running your own ecommerce site but have you looked into Magento. I have worked on few clients sites using Magento and very impressed with the features that comes with it. It's hard to learn but def worth the time if you wish to grown your ecommerce site.

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    You might want to check onlycart( the best shopping cart) from Gripsell onlycart.com

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    You can use Shopify.com that comes with shopping card, a lot of professional looking templates, including hosting plan.
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