Do you work too much? I do...

by Nuno
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Have you ever felt you work too much? I'm feeling it now.
The income is good, but the utopia of working only a few hours a week doesn't work for me. Developing several businesses at once is not an easy job, my boss (myself) is a tough guy...

I think I'm not devoting sufficient time to be with my friends. I manage to go out with a few, but not with everyone... and that isn't good at all. I work until late, everyday. In a few weeks I'll try to change my life a bit.

How do you manage working from home and your personal life? I used to be able to do that, but nowadays I see the to do list growing and growing, and I don't want to procrastinate...
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    Hi Nuno,

    I do work far too hard and far too long days to line someone else's pocket! Hence, why I'm here. Isn't it better to be working far too hard for yourself, rather than someone else?
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    I hustle a lot but this feels like a game to me and I just want to WIN! I take time off to spend with my G/F (not enough according to her but she ALWAYS wants to be with me) and I also take off a day or two for friends to go biking or to events and stuff. I could probably have a bit more balance. Balance in life is VERY important
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      It's definitely better to work for myself, but other people I know say the same thing, working from home is great, but you need to be able to balance your priorities. You start "I'll just finish this" and when you know it it's 2 AM.
      Or you think you can go out the day after but when the time comes you are swamped with work.

      Even working too much at home when I go out I'm still the same person, someone who knows how to hear and how to help, that can make you smile and laugh. I just wish I could do that more often and with more people.
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    Well, I only work 6-8 hours a day. I don't work too much. That is not good for our health. But I am satisfied with my income.
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    And I can say that 2 years ago it was even worse, I used to work until 3 / 3:30 AM. This week I was only resting 5 hours between long periods of work and I was already noticing my health going down so I stopped doing that.

    This is the price we pay when we love what we do. Yes, it's a privilege, but not perfect when you exaggerate.
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    If you are working hard for yourself, only good things can come. If you are working hard for someone elses benefit, thats when things get messy!
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    It's for myself and others around me, thinking more about the future than the present...

    I told my girlfriend that it would be great to work one month and take 4 days of real vacation time (I don't know what that is for a long time).

    For now it's not possible, but it would be a nice goal... not impossible considering that during this last year I've been working 7 days a week (should take 8 days per month), rarely taking one afternoon off.
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    yep, i work 24-7, but i make sure to take time to hike/bike/board the mountains.
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    I certainly understand what you mean when it comes to putting in long hours. My long hours cover both my business and being the single mom to my children. One of my daughter's has autism, so I have a lot going on both personally and professionally. I try and maintain my perspective as to what is really important, as this helps me balance what needs to be done and not done. Of course, I am not always successful. I work hard to build my business as it allows me to take care of my children. It is time consuming, but it is a worthwhile process.

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    Yup, that would be me. However, the big difference is because I work from home, I can take off when I need to and run errands, drive the kids all over, etc. I think I tend to work better in undefined time frames, as opposed to a 9-5p job where I would be a lot less productive. But, I can also admit, it gets overwhelming sometimes and don't get to always complete everything on my to do list for lack of time. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all. Finding that balance is key.
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    Being a workaholic has never helped anyone. I believe the best way to cut one's working schedule shorter is to determine which part of the day he gets most creative. I work better at night for example, so I use several hours a night to do my thing, the rest of the time is for my personal needs only. I do get stuck sometimes in never ending projects and I always swear to myself that I will never do that again. I don't know how, but I keep breaking my word At least in my case it is something occasional, and not permanent.
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    Here is one of the greatest benefits of having an online income. You
    are in control of when you work and what you work on. Most of the time,
    we don't report to anyone. So, if you think you are working too much,
    tune it down a bit for the week. Plan well in advance so that it is easier
    throughout the way. In all honesty, I don't even consider this work. I
    love waking up in the morning and preparing myself for the next day.
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    Everyday I spend around 5 hours with daily research routines, a few others between contacts, keeping an eye on my network and the rest of the day is for development and learning more.
    5 minutes after waking I'm already working (the early morning creative juices), only then do I make a small break to eat something.
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    yes im working too much without doing much too, I think I need a job and do this part time and + weekends it would be enough

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    Hard work pays off as long as you find your self progressing instead of being stuck in a lump.
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      There's a big difference between being self employed and being a business owner.

      Someone who is self employed may make good money but is a slave to his/her own business.

      A business owner delegates tasks to employees and spends his/her time only attending to the concepts of business.

      Don't be self employed. Be a business owner and delegate those tasks i.e outsource!



      "People will remain the same until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change."

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    I'm a perfectionist. It's difficult not to.
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    I work every single minute that I can because I love what I am doing. If you are working at your business that much it is a signal that you have found your passion. Lucky us to be able to indulge ourselves in working at somethings we are passionate about. However, it is a slippery slope from passion to obsession to unhealthy.

    Schedule in a different 'way' to work during your day. Maybe work for a couple of hours from a coffee shop. At least you will be among people and feel your humanity.

    Consider joining a mastermind group that meets in person. Check out I always dread going to some sort of business event because I think I should be 'working'. BUT, nearly every single time I meet someone or pick up a nugget of useful information that was well worth the time away from the computer.

    When I come back to the computer, my work is more efficient because I am refreshed.
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    I outsource and delegate some tasks for almost 10 years, but many must be done by me, especially those that involve investments. And that research takes around 5h a day...

    What I can say is: it may be hard work, no easy money, but when you do what you really like that alone is worth the effort.
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    I have been in your shoe sometime ago. Working too hard that i didn't realized that didn't get the chance to give more time with my family and friends. I almost deprived myself from having fun and having bonding moment with them. That's the worst thing i ever did.
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    When I work too much with internet marketing , let's say to try new methods (can be 2-3 methods in one day), it'll be a weird day. I don't know, maybe because I just need to meet people, have a lil chat,.....
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    I love IM. Presently I'm running an offline business and building my online business. I hope to be 100% online within 12 months.

    Now, I work too hard, but I love the IM. It's fun, yet I go at it seriously and like a business.

    I suspect once I'm fully online I'll establish regular working hours. I'm pretty routine.

    The reason I want to leave my offline business is it's demanding (high-pressure deadlines) whereas online business is more flexible.

    Doing both is tough, but it's temporary. My goal is to be able to work and travel more with my family rather than being tethered to an office.
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    yes, i think i work too much in the Internet, but , there's no way to change it
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    I'm not complaining about my work, I love what I do and what I have built in these 14 years.
    I would just like to know how other members cope with the specifics of working online where work and personal time aren't so separated, because we are always learning, and the experience of other people on similar situations always help.

    During the day I often email my girlfriend and friends to keep in touch, so that is a sound advice
    I have 15+ years of experience & millions of visitors (I'm also a warrior since 2002)! explains how I can help.
    I'm looking for a limited number of serious partners.
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    Feels the same that i have no time for my family and friends but i usually keep tight my schedule and work hard so that i can spent saturday and sunday with all my family and friends.
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    If you are working too much it is but natural that you may not find time to spare for family and friends. You need to choose it after thought. If working too much is paying you as expected you need to carry it on.

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