For Warriors Unfamiliar With Reddit: How To Use Reddit To Get Visitors To Your Blog

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This post is mostly to be used by bloggers, because Reddit users aren't really responsive to sales pages


Hope that helps.
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    wow great post. thanks for the info. being new to Internet marketing the only thing i know is twitter and facebook. thanks for giving me another option.
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    Nice post and great tactic! Thanks for the sharing.

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      Very good post, thank you!

      my number one most important tip for reddit is #3, post in the correct subreddit.

      I posted something to and got 0 upvotes, deleted it and posted it in the proper subreddit and got almost 100 upvotes and thousands of visits to my website!
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    Great posts , so great written .
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    Reddit seems to be a very popular social bookmarking site that hardly anyone ever mentions. A good way to think of social bookmarking sites is to think of them as social situations; they're places where people gather to share information they share a common interest in.

    Waltzing in there and spamming your links isn't going to get you far, but being an active member of the community will.

    Think about it. If you just joined this forum to post links to your sites, you would be banned pretty quickly. But, if you consistently contributed high quality content, more people would buy your products in the long run.
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    Originally Posted by SparringMind View Post

    3.) Post in the correct subreddit!

    A subreddit (sometimes referred to simply as a 'reddit) is the way that Reddit the site organizes it's posts content, specifically the users are expected to post the content into the appropriate category.

    So you should definitely check to see if your post's general theme falls into one of the subreddits offered by Reddit (99.9% of the time it will).

    Choosing the right subreddit can be somewhat tricky, and here's why:

    You want to pick a subreddit that has enough viewers, but that isn't so crowded that your post will be lost in the shuffle.

    Posting anything but an Imgur link in the r/pics subreddit, for example, will usually lead to your post being buried amidst a huge amount of submissions.

    But if your post features, let's say, a ton of new pictures on the latest gadget, posting it in the r/Technology subreddit would bring in users who are not only interested in that specific category, but who also will pay mind to most new posts there because it isn't as crowded as r/pics or r/humor.

    To check how many people have added the reddit to their frontpage, just open another tab, and after the regular Reddit address, type in /r/reddit-name. For example, to see the reddit about technology, you type []Technology. To the right, you will see the number of people who have the reddit on their frontpage. Make you sure you choose a reddit that's relevant to your link, and has a lot of subscribers.
    I've always had trouble choosing which subreddit to choose, this info really helped!

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    Thanks, SM.

    I've never used Reddit, so these are great tips!

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