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Hey, I'm new to flipping websites and i would like to sell one of my websites. I listed it on Flippa.com.

Can anyone please review my site and tell me what it's worth? Without revenue - design, content, traffic and so on.
You get the traffic info from my sig(i'm not trying to sell).
I'm just asking for help.

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    First you should remove that 100$ starting bid. You won't get any bidders , if you keep it. Put 1$ the starting bid ,and then put the reserve price for 100$.

    This would attract much more buyers. Also you should make a much more detailed description, telling the benefits of buying the site, and info about it's keywords..etc.

    I hope you get the idea.
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    For starters, you've got barely any information in your listing. You might want to go more in-depth than just "Site is about weight loss and also muscle building. There are 43 unique articles. Ranking already with many keywords.".

    Also, you're claiming that you make 2/3 sales a week with ClickBank, yet under revenue claimed, you've got "no revenue being claimed."

    This, first is a turn off, as buyers want to know roughly how much you're making, and will look to the right sidebar, more so than the main content to find the figure, as well as the lack of appearance in the results that will now occur when users search for websites with revenue.
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