transfering files from Filezilla to Filezilla?

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Hey Guys,

Here's the situation, at the moment on my laptop I have all my current files and folders up to date on my filezilla account, however the filezilla account on my desktop is way behind the times!

How can I transfer all my files and folders on my laptop client to my desktop client to bring it up to date?

Also how can I save and backup this information once I've updated it on my desktop, you see I'm also installing windows vista on my desktop, and I need to backup?

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    I guess you need to backup the existing FileZilla setting and tranfer it to your desktop and then import it over.


    Step#1: Backup FileZilla Setting

    File --> Export

    - Export Site Manager Entries
    - Export Settings

    Click "OK" and save it on you laptop hardrive.

    You can name it to whatever name you want but it must in .xml format.

    Step#2: Transfer this file to you desktop using thumb drive


    Step#1: Import the backup files

    File --> Import --> Select backup file


    Hope this is what you are looking for.
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    Hi John,
    Do you mean you are storing all your site user/passwords within fileziller?
    mmmmm I had some sites hacked a while ago - hostgator support warned me on this practice.According to the techie I dealt with .. this is one of the most common reasons why sites get hacked.This is done by planting a virus that sniffs out your fileziller account, reads the info and sends it back to the hacker!
    Having to keep all your logins somewhere else is a pain .... but so is cleaning up a site after it is hacked!
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