Anybody want to help a Newbie??? Opinions welcome...

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I just put up a couple of squeeze pages to capture email addresses and send the people that sign up to an affiliate site through clickbank.

I'm worried my squeeze page might not be up to par.

If anyone has a few extra minutes, I would love to hear some suggestions or comments.

Thanks in advance,


My Sites:

How to Build a Shed

Best Man Speeches
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    The squeeze pages look good. A couple of things I would suggest.

    Re-organize the content on the page so that the graphic is over the left and raise up your optin box to above the fold.

    Also, split test your sites. Do 3 completely different versions of your opt in pages and set them up using Google Website Optimizer to help you work out what works.

    Hope that helps.
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    first...great job on those landing pages. here are a couple thoughts as I see them.
    1) both sites produced an exit I tried to scroll down. I wasn't even trying to leave the site. that was a little troublesome.
    2) for the shed one...I'd remove the word "You'll" and then I'd test it out. Looks pretty good.
    3) I'd redo a lot of this opening. I like the pic. But maybe have "20 Best Man Speeches Guaranteed to Get Rave Applause" or something. Something shorter and more to the point that gives a big benefit they'll receive.

    Just some quick thoughts...but overall really nice.

    Brandon Yeager

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    I would take out all the pop ups altogether... I was trying to read your squeeze page then... BANG! A pop up out of nowhere. It irritates me enough to leave the sites without a second thought. If you already have an opt in box at the corner, having a pop up is just redundant and disturbing IMO
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    • Thanks for all the responses.

      Would love to hear thoughts, suggestions, and opinions regarding my websites.
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        Cosmetically, the pages are nice and clean. Ditch the pop-ups, especially the shadow-box. Or make the delay longer.

        Beyond that, it looks like you are trying to make one page serve two masters.

        You have a big opt-in box with little to suggest what specific benefit there is for signing up. You also have what looks like a mini-sales-letter with a call to action for a direct click-through to the product.

        I think you'll want to choose what you want most, and make that the only possible response.

        If you want to collect emails, don't sell the product. Sell the subscription.

        If you want to operate these as squeeze pages, you only have two objectives. Collect the visitor's contact data. Secure permission to use that data. That's it.

        Right now, you're giving the potential opt-ins a distraction with the sales message for the whole product, complete with link. Why should they opt-in if they can check out the end offer in one click?
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        • Thanks for your response.

          I guess by adding a direct link I'm hoping for at least an affiliate sale if I can't get the opt-in email.

          Would love to hear thoughts, suggestions, and opinions regarding my websites.
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            Originally Posted by affiliatemarketer22 View Post

            Thanks for your response.

            I guess by adding a direct link I'm hoping for at least an affiliate sale if I can't get the opt-in email.
            It's important to recognize that only 1 out of 100 people might even click through to the affiliate offer, and if they do and they buy, how do you follow up with them to sell them something else later on?

            If want to keep the link at the end of the copy, make it link back to the optin box.

            If your visitors interest is thoroughly peaked from the copy then they know the only way to get the information is to subscribe.

            If you're using double optin set up your confirmation link to redirect your new subscriber to the affiliate offer. This way they are on your list first and are immediately exposed to what you're promoting.

            You may also want to try a couple of different designs on the optin box itself. One like you have it now, one with no borders and maybe one with a dashed border and split test using Google's website optimizer.

            Hope that was helpful.

            P.S. The designs look very clean, nice work.
            The Marketing Rinnegato Cometh... stay tuned. This link leads to my Warrior blog...
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            I think you need to choose one goal and one goal only.

            If you are REALLY trying to get an opt-in, simplify the page a little, and be careful how you're using color. Two of your sites have a red opt-in with red arrows pointing to it, but on the left of the page you are using HUGE BOLDED RED LETTERS that totally distract from the opt-in and pull me down the left of the page.

            I actually liked the idea of having a golf page with more content, allowing the reader to get hooked before a pop-up. I would add another 20-25 seconds or so, and make the box a little "softer," something like "Want more free golf tips?" in green instead of "FREE GOLF NEWSLETTER!!!" in red.

            All in all I think you have a great start. Catchier headlines could make your opt-in more sexy as well.

            If you want, you can check out my landing page (my signature is linked to it,) which I think is a good example of a simple layout with ONE goal.

            Good Luck!
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    You can try a a catchier headline instead of How to build a shed.
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    Good job on the design. I love the clean layout.

    I would personally put another arrow pointing to the right (to the opt-in box).


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    The sites look OKAY i would split test as has been suggested, change your headlines and copy, I have to scroll to read most of the copy which is a little annoying! Optin boxes should always be above the fold!

    Also the optin boxes are too large and you do not play enough on the FREEBIES you are offering, people LOVE FREE, use it and abuse it, on my Squeeze pages if im giving something for FREE which i usually do, I use the word FREE at least 7 times!

    Good job, and with a couple of tweaks you should see conversions increase!

    Think Big & Don't Listen To People Who tell You It Can't Be Done....Life's Too Short To Think Small!

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    I will suggest adding a Video on your Landing pages, you can get one done for 5 at Fiverr

    if you need extra tips let me know I ll be glad to help.

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