What Is My Domain Worth?

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can tell me what this domain name is worth? It is currently forwarded to an affiliate offer so don't pay any attention to that.

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    This is what i found..

    Appraisal - $25
    Searches - 900
    Traffic - 0
    Competetion - low

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    EstiBot.com reckons it's worth $25.

    Beyond that, it's difficult to say. The age of the domain; whether or not there's ever been content on it, and if so, what kind of content; backlinks (there doesn't seem to be any)...

    Also, I'm not sure if your specific two words + .NET will impress professional domainers enough to give you more than $25, but it's always worth a try, right?

    “... at the root of human nature is the need for free creative work under one's own control.” ~ Noam Chomsky

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      Monthly revenues x 6-12 is a typical valuation estimate for a web site. As far as a domain name only goes, the market decides the value, e.g.. what someone is willing to pay you for it.

      If you threw it up for sale in the traditional auction arena's . I'd guess you'd receive offers of $10-$50 .
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    The first thought I had when I saw your domain is that it has the word "free" in it. How can you possibly monetize a site with free in the domain? Therefore, I do not think it is worth more than the registration price.

    I am not a professional domainer so take my opinion as just that. If you really have no intention of keeping the domain then list it for sale on some domaining forums. That's what I would do.
    Living the internet lifestyle!
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    The word free gets traffic, but only from freebie seekers rather than buyers. That's traffic that is very hard to monetize. Plus it's not very specific. Information free about what? It could literally be anything. I don't believe it's worth very much, but who knows. It's really worth what someone is willing to pay for it and it never ceases to surprise me what some people will pay for.
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    It's reg fee it doesn't even make sense the words are reversed. The days of getting rich off new domain regs are long over.
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    I don't see Global. I don't see Success. I don't see Club.

    But it could be worth millions if we could see Global, Success and Club.
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