I cost $0 and will get till $80 per sale

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Hello, fellow warriors.
I think some of you know me, because "every minute" i was asking questions about affiliate marketing. At last i did it. But i didnt do a sale yet. So, let me tell you about my affiliate marketing blueprint.

I was searching first time in my life for the keywords for my affiliate website, because before i didn't even know what are the keywords. I chose a simple niche - weight loss. Just to give a try. So, google gave me not bad results for these keywords:


Second keyword "diet products" i simply used because i had place on my website. Maybe this keyword increases my chances to get a sale or sales.

P.s. Sorry but I am using Google in russian, because it is my second language.

And here are Google results:


So, results are good and here is my domain. Full keyword is inside my domain: HowToWeightLoss.Tk

I am going to make good money with it as I think\believe/know.

Note: To create ALL this till now, i didn't cost even 0.1 cent. Everything I made for free.

Now let's see what is next.
I will keep this topic updated.

- Thank you.
- Take care.

- Kamal.
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    Before you go on.

    The figures you have there are for broad match. That figure of 1,500,000 drops to 590 a month global for exact match.

    Politely, may I also point out, "how to weight loss" is grammatically incorrect and would put me off the site if that's the title (I appreciate English is not your first language).

    Also, targeting people that want to lose weight may well be a huge market, it's also very competitive. Can you not drill down a bit deeper to find more of a niche within that niche?

    Again, respectfully, I'm glad you're taking action but you are going into a very big niche with a grammatically incorrect domain on a free .tk domain for a search term that gets 590 searches a month. For your main keyword, in exact match, you have almost 12 million competing pages. Granted, I don't know how strong the competiton is and I'd only care about the first page but at first glance the competition looks fairly reasonable.

    Sorry to put a dampener on this but it's better to realise this now, than 6 months time.

    Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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