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Hey Guys,

Hopefully this is the right section to chat about this,

I've been thinking of coming up with a new blog that's basically a blog where well known and successful bloggers are interviewed and that's posted up on the site with Q & A etc....

I could also run things where site visitors can submit questions, have a blogger of the week and things like that,

I was wondering if you think people might be interested in a site like that? Or more importantly would bloggers be interested in taking part?

I know some other sites do conduct blog interviews, but none of them are solely just interviews, I wonder could this be a little niche to sneak into?

Thanks and I'm open to any suggestions/comments
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    do it and find out. I'm sure plenty of bloggers would be happy to do an interview if it helps promote their own blog/brand.
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    thats what i do and it works out welll.. i do interviews with top bloggers and etc. Try to network and build yourself a brand

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    I think this is a great idea! You are creating your own niche man!

    All the best.

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      Could definitely work. Do it long enough and you'll build up your PR and people will be dying to get on there and get a link from your site.
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    If you can get to interview some of the big name bloggers, like Moneymaker, you would have an awesome idea. People love to read about success stories, if they think it's possible for them.
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    Great idea, just let us know when you put it up
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    Good luck with the new blog Would love to review it once it is done.
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    That's a great idea man, a good way to have your blog more visitors.
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    It's a great idea but if i may ask, what is the backend? I hope you have a plan laid down that will benefit you in the long run.
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    Thats not bad idea. But if we say about monetizing your blog how will you monetize your blog. Well I have some blogger friend, if you need contact of bloggers then ask me I will give you.

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    it will really make your brand.... with help of other bloggers....i say u just do it.. and see the results....
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      Thanks guys, that's really a great response

      With regards to how I'll generate some revenue, i'm open to any suggestions you think my work

      Here's what I've been thinking

      Maybe Adsense, but not too heavy on it
      Affiliate links of Ebooks/Services from the bloggers?
      Other Ebooks etc..

      And that's about it so far
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