Gift of the gab enough to convince visitors to signup to my newsletter?

by ellush
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What do I need to say to convince visiors to my popular travel site that they really are missing out if they don't sign up to my new newsletter (launches next week)?

Do I really have to throw in a freebie PDF/guide to sway them?

Or are there some real golden catchphrases known to reel them in?

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    Try and think what would persuade you to sign up?

    Free gift?

    Chance to win a holiday?

    There are many ways to sway people to sign up.
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      Maybe I'm different from others, but I don't always signup for newsletters on the potential of a prize, I usually do it because I like the site and its content and want to hear more...I'm freeeeky like that
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        Can you give them examples of what they'll learn in your upcoming newsletters? e.g 5 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Your Honeymoon Trip, The Popular Holiday Destination That Could Prove to Be Deadly, etc.

        The promise of interesting, exclusive content might be enough to get them to sign up.
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      Originally Posted by thegabrieljibril View Post

      What is Gift Of THE GAB?
      Slang: Typically associated with salespeople.

      ---But, more importantly how do you propose that verbal communication skills will benefit an online marketing effort?
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    Originally Posted by ellush View Post


    What do I need to say to convince visiors...
    Here's what I got.

    Here's what it will do for you.

    Here's what I want you to do next.
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