You have $20 and you need money preferably now

by JayBay
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So what would you do? Would you venture offline thinking because you have unlimited minutes on your phone and yellowpages you could extract a tedious but rewarding payout, create a blog and google free SEO tactics, or would you pimp yourself on fiverr and freelancer forums that has so much variety and ready help it's like trying to get a lyrical wizard to notice you at an opening performance?

Assuming for some reason you can't get a physical job how would you possibly go about this?

As you've probably guessed this is to help upstarts with limited capital, strugglers, and newbies who could use an extra $5 or $10 that could certainly need it.
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    Post an ad in the Warriors For Hire section of this forum
    offering a service you can perform for a fee.

    Have a Great Day!
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