Facebook ad coupons for existing users??? Do they exist??

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Just started an ad campaign today. Wanted to know if there were any free ones or cheap ones and a good source to get them from. Thanks!
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    Most of the time coupons are for new advertisers. The same is with Adwords, etc. I guess once they have you locked in there is no incentive to offer you a discount.

    It's the same with cable and wireless providers, etc... They offer great discounts for new subscribers but loyal customers never get thrown a bone unless you call and complain that new customers are getting a better rate than you and threaten to cancel service. I've used that tactic to get discounts with T-Mobile and Brighthouse but I doubt Facebook Ads or Google Adwords play that same customer appreciation game.
    I'm not promoting anything
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      That sucks. Cuz my Hosting provider only gave me a 25.00 one. I've seen tons of 50.00 ones! Man that sucks !
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    You can try ebay, they sell $50 at a lower price

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    Its not at free of cost . You have to pay some amount for it.
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