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We screwed up somewhere along the line on one of our various projects...

We created 30 or 40 pages of very good, high quality, original content but this ended up on a wrong new domain !

It was intended to all go on one of our well established sites with hundreds of pages and thousands of links.

So right now, the new content we created gets virtually no traffic and has negligible rankings.

Google has indexed it and it has been on this site for about 6 weeks.

No backlinking has been done.

Basically it is the wrong domain and the keywords in the domain are not quite right. The content should have been put onto the authority site.

So what will google think if we just delete it and stick it onto the correct site?

Will they penalise the authority site for using "someone else's" content, even though it is ours etc?

Should we modify the content to some degree?

What would be the best strategy to use this content, which took approximately 100 hours to research and compile?

Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

Yes I know it was a silly error.....

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    put a 301 redirect on all the pages .. Google loves that
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    Sam, install all the content on the new domain, delete from the old, and as CoolCaesar mentioned, use a "permanent redirect (301)" on all the old pages/urls. Google will recognize that the new location is the correct home for the content. You won't be penalized. There is no need to modify the content.
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    Thats a shame you managed to make such a big mistake, nice to know were all human though and not just robots on here lol.

    Looks like you have all the answers you need.

    Good luck with it.
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    If you put the content on a new domain and that is the only content, move the content and then go into Google Webmasters tools and there's a link to request removal or deindexing of a site.

    Remove a page or site from Google's search results - Webmaster Tools Help
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