How do you pick a CB product to promte?

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The title says all!

How do you pick a CB product to promte?

All advice welcomed!
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    I usually choose products with gravity more than 100 to promote
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    I would choose one that looks like a good product, has proven conversions, and is new.

    Try to get in before everyone else promotes it.

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    If you want to be successful then buy a product that looks good to you.

    Use the product and make sure that it works for you.

    You will then be able to give a credible review.

    There is a big difference when you actually recommend a product that you yourself have had success with.

    This will make all the difference.

    I hope this helps
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    I'm in the same boat, not sure what to do or what to promote
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    Pick a product that solves problems/issues that people need help with...they will appreciate you guiding them to the solution/answer...=)
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    For me personally I like to have a gravity over 40 but below 100.
    Some like to go for the very high gravity, but I usually find it means there is serious competition.
    The main thing is like weBay said, you have to like the product/landing page. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, if you think that the product looks crap and the site looks like it was built by a 5 year old then chances are other people will think the same way!

    There are a few diamonds on CB but also a hell of a lot of rubbish. But saying that i have sold some serious rubbish and had very few refunds!
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    Originally Posted by Kev3l173 View Post

    How do you pick a CB product to promote?
    Firstly, I would research the general public appeal, I would check whats popular on Amazon, and use Google Trends , and other sales trend statistics to determine what the masses want.

    Once I know what the online masses desire, I would look through the Clickbank products that fall into that niche. I would then examine the sales letters of each prospect product to Promote.

    I would base the product or products I wished to promote on a number of Criteria such as:
    • Would I buy it
    • How good is the sales letter
    • Whats the payout, potential for earnings (recurring commission, 75% commission)
    • Are the refunds low
    • Does it show sales success through decent gravity
    • If the gravity is too high, then check SEO competitiveness of the product name before pursing.

    Anyway, good luck I hope you find a winner, a product to promote.
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    High demand, Sales page has to be good, if i want to pull out my wallet and buy that particular product I know others will too. That is the sign of a good affiliate product.

    p.s recurring billing doesn't hurt either.
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    Different people have different opinions on gravity. It can be inflated and doesnt necessarily mean people are selling lots of a product, just that many people are selling at least one copy. Notice how the gravity sails downward in non-IM niches. Obviously a lot of people in IM are using their own affiliate links to buy.

    Instead I try to look at what people are buying outside of Clickbank. For example, are there lots of books and magazines about this general topic? The newsstand and "Dummies" books are great places to look for information people are already paying money for. Are there lots of forums on this topic? That indicates that there are numerous people who are passionate and/or concerned with the topic. Take a look at YouTube. Any informative or tutorials on the topic there? If the topics fulfills these requirements I know I have a winner.

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    Gravity is a useless contrived number that doesn't mean squat. There are a lot of sellers that inflate the number with software and trickery.

    If you really want to know how to pick a product on Clickbank, look up Alexa Smith on this form and read her posts. She is the expert on this and has a free report on this very subject. I did the search for you, just click her name for the results.

    Tim Pears

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      First is think about a niche. To do this, brainstorm and write down five or ten niches you think you would enjoy finding more about. Then visit the marketplace section in your account (Clickbank) after choosing your topics.
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      Originally Posted by shireen View Post

      High gravity
      That's how I sometimes pick products to avoid, myself. So we have it covered between us, but we'll rarely be competitors ...

      It's actually quite common for products with gravities around 5 - 10 to outsell products with three-figure gravities, and their sales pages can quite often convert traffic a bit better, too - and of course there are reasons for all of that - it's not just a "big coincidence".

      There's a pretty factual explanation of "gravity" in this post.

      My own little 10-point checklist for Clickbank product-selection is here, if it helps.
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        I was selling CB products before I read some of Alexa's advice on picking CB products.

        I used to pick high gravity because many people teaching you how to pick products do so because they heard that from someone else and they probably did too.

        As soon as I switched from high gravity and followed some of Alexas other tips I can honestly say my income has increased significantly. I'd add gravity is just one of many things you need to consider when picking CB products, certainly not the only one.

        Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    It's all in the sales letter (less refunds of course).

    If you can't get people to try it, the world's best product will never get out there.

    The sales page needs to ROCK or forget it. I usually look for a strong video in the sales process as this has proven to work well for me and my promotions.
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    Thanks for your advice everyone!
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