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Hey guys, Im new to the warrior forum and im very interested in starting my internet marketing career =D. I just dont know where to start. Any tips??
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    You will want to decide what type of business model you want to follow. Here's some ideas:

    Affiliate marketing
    Writing and selling an info product
    Offering a service online - proofreading, transcription, etc.
    Sell on Ebay
    Start a membership site

    You should also decide who you want to market to (like golfers, scrapbookers, etc.) What group of people and you relate to and who will relate to you?

    That's a start:-)

    Laurie Neumann
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    First of all find a market you're interested in. They choose what product you'll promote. You can also give away free information and monetize through ads(niche sites).

    Do: stick to one thing until it gets you money or you have enough feedback to draw conclusions.
    Do not: test everything and buy every product that promises to make you rich with a new technique (some products are good, but wait until you have a little more experience).
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    Thank you much guys, I guess i got a lot of homework to do:p
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    In the beginning you should focus on earning and learning.

    Earning: Try to find a simple method to earn some kind of income. This game can get very frustrating when you wake up every day to $0. I would suggest a site like fiverr, textbroker, or microworker. Or even selling services such as article writing or design work.

    Learning: Research the proven methods of making money online and pick one that you like. Spend alot of time reading and practicing any free information you can find. Or purchase a WSO from a reputable warrior and stick to it. The key is to fund your efforts using the money you make from the "earning" stage and learn as much as you can through actual usage. Keep at it until it starts earning as well.
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    Here's basically the formula from my own experience....(step1) market to a hungry market/niche that has money to spend (step2) create a squeeze page to collect emails to market too (step3) give away something of value for free, build credibility (step4) once someone gives you their email, offer them a OTO..one time offer (step5) use multiple methods, paid and free, to drive traffic to squeeze page (step6) market to your email list. Thats basically how you make money online. You can do it, just dont give up!
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      Scott's formula seems good, especially if you're a newbie like myself.
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    You really do. I have been here for over 5 months and still have a ton to learn.

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    If I were you I would follow a lot of the top internet marketers, just search the WF for some mentions of who are the best. Subscribe to their blogs and read their old posts. Study that stuff until nothing that you read seems new and you understand it all (or a great deal) this is what I did and it helped me quit my job and make a full time income online
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  • Hi Jdherko2588. I always start a business venture by:

    •Listing down a set of immediate needs and urgent problems of large groups of people who can't satisfy nor solve their needs and problems on their own...

    •Zoning in on groups of people expected to search and purchase solutions to their immediate needs and problems on the Internet...

    •Zoning in further on subject areas relevant to the needs and problems of those groups of people which can benefit from my specialized expertise and interests...

    •Pinpointing the contextually relevant online social communities those groups of people regularly hang out in to go there and accurately pinpoint their specific needs, problems, observations, inferences, test results, experience, opinions, theories and recommendations relevant to my business...

    •Gather the details I collected and build my business backend workflow processes, develop my products and service offers or choose the best affiliate products to market, develop the visual layout and overall look and feel of my website to best suit the browsing and visual appearance preferences of my target market, choose the best CPA offers to market, develop my digital info product freely downloadable upon mailing list sign up, develop my onsite content, develop online marketing campaigns, formulate offline techniques that can compliment my online marketing campaigns, register in the online social networks/communities my target market frequently hangs out, update my profile pages with photos and the URL of my website in those online social communities, build my reputation in those social networks as a friendly, expert source of beneficial content, products and services, build mutually beneficial relationships with possible JV partners, think of creative advertising campaigns on Facebook among other online portals frequented by my target market, develop email solo ad campaigns and constantly monitor my results so I can accurately determine which work, which need improvement and which I don't need to do...
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    First spend 3/4 month learning basics of IM. Then apply what you know, That's it.

    But you should be careful because IM is a huge industry, you can easily get information overload. So I'd advise you to stick only 1 or 2 money making methods. Build your list, learn how other successful marketers are doing, etc.
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    I think you should work on building some knowledge of internet marketing first, then move on to selecting a niche. Once you have narrowed down your niche you need to be able to develop a specific product you think would SELL.
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    If you have start up cash I would recommend getting a mini-website that has a CPA offer and using PPC to market it.
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    as a new internet marketer i believe that you need to know how to get traffic with zero cost. Learn all the way to get traffic without any expenses. Then only learn how to spend money to get traffic .
    If you start to spend money on get traffic, then i'm sure that you will waste more than you should.
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    Build your knowledge first, choose your niche and from there don't buy anything to be distracted by.. Just focus hard on what you apply and you will see the results!

    I have only just started out as well and their is a lot to learn but fully worth it in the end
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    the same question was asked at the other thread and yes there is so much that you need to learn. First, you should decide which field of internet marketing you want to, do you have products to sell, or do you want to offer services? If you have great skills which can be integrated online like photography or web design, the arts or writing, then that can be a great start.

    Be ready to do a lot of reading but make sure that you're getting your information from respectable sources. You can find reputable and experienced marketers who share tips on SEO and internet marketing from their websites. Just do a search on google.

    Joining forums is another great way to learn since you can ask specific questions and get answers straight away. But then again, you have to be picky when joining online groups and make sure that you're getting upbuilding responses from group members.

    Lastly, putting what you learn into practice is what will make you successful in the long run. DOn't be afraid to commit mistakes. It's usually a trial and error process. Some strategies that work for others may not work out for you. that's okay. It's a continuous process of discovery.

    Melanie James
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