Im a new to the internet maketing

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Try to market properly with out spending to much to learn nothing, any sugggestions??
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    Just do a search on the warrior forum and you should see that there are answers to all your questions.
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    That's pretty much it. Absorb!
    (Oh and watch out for the sharks in here that prey after the newbies.)


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    Originally Posted by RichShelby07 View Post

    Try to market properly with out spending to much to learn nothing, any sugggestions??
    I find learning on the run is so much better then getting stuck in the horde of learning material that is basically saying the same stuff.

    Heres what I did to achieve success:

    1. Created a website using WordPress
    2. Picked a niche
    3. Wrote 100 unique articles on my niche topic, some promoting products with affiliate links, and then performed SEO to driving traffic to my site. It gets about 100 visitors a day, and makes me around $2000 a month.

    Now everyones story is different, before you start your story, go out and learn every online marketing option in brief, just understand it in principle, so don't read eBook after eBook, just open up Wikipedia or Google, and read 1 or two articles on Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Product Creation, Internet Marketing, etc.

    Once you have x many ideas for online money making, then research which ones tend to have more success, the Warrior Forum is a great place to answer that. Then decide what you want to do, if its affiliate marketing, then just spend your time learning a bit about that, and then take action. Success takes time, be prepared for months of work, maybe even years.
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      Originally Posted by michaeldoring View Post

      It gets about 100 visitors a day, and makes me around $2000 a month.
      Great summation for diving in as a newbie. Out of curiosity can you share the site that you referenced in the quotation above? I like the idea of having a goal of 100 articles around a niche (especially if it means $2000 per month)
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    Internet marketing works best for people who are in in need of traffic from online and wants to deploy online services or product. It has different methods and tactics through which one can earn good online outcomes.
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    Welcome to the forum - I am new too, there is so much amazing information here and I have learned that the search tool helps you to find what you need.
    Are You Working In Your Passion?
    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." - Albert Einstein
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    always keep your mind cool..... and try to get information as much as u can... but dont just keep on learning but also try to piratically implement then only u can be successful....
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    2 steps.

    1.) Find a way to make start up cash (whether it be online or offline). This is important because if you are working day in and day out and not making anything at all, you will get discouraged.

    2.) While you are making start up cash, learn everything you can about one particular method (blogging, list building, product creation..etc) and start to implement what you learn bit by bit. You will learn more while you are doing it..and you will have the money to get things done.
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      There's a ton of info in this amazing forum with amazing people! You have all the info you need. I love blogging and it's probably not simpler solution that WordPress powered blog... easy to setup, customize, etc... just add quality content and build backlinks.

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    Try putting an ad up in the classified section for something you're good at. You can learn from what other people ask you to do.

    I always recommend Ed Dale's free Challenge course to newbies because it teaches you exactly what to do to become an authority in your niche.

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    You don't have to spend money to learn Internet marketing. There are a ton of videos on YouTube and Viddler. There are also a ton of free eBooks out there.

    Send me a message. I'll hook you up with a bunch of free eBooks.

    Just learn the basics and then start doing. Someone in this forum said that IM is best to learn with 'on the job training'. And I agree.

    My first website was crappy as hell, but hey, I had a website! And I learned a lot from the exercise.

    Go to and begin making free websites. They also have a lot of training videos that will show you how to make money with your free website.
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    * Small steps to start - You don't need to know everything
    * Spend more time doing than learning
    * Focus on one thing long enough to give it a chance to work
    * Learn from your mistakes and improve.
    * Continue to learn and implement new knowledge ASAP
    * Find what works and do more of it.
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    Do not forget to include in their design a system to get emails from visitors.

    Get a good system for autoresponder and email marketing.

    After creating a good list of subscribers, you can earn good money with this - Promoting your affiliate programs.

    If you want more tips and information about the New Age Marketing visit To download free ebooks on Internet Marketing visit Internet Marketing Free PDF.

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    If you don't want to spend too much money start doing a lot of research here and on other forums and after you have enough knowledge about a subject create a product.

    If the product turns out to be good a lot of people will buy it and you'll start making a decent amount of money.

    This is one of the simplest ways
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    I'm quite green myself (been active for a week and a half on this board) but I'll share my secret...

    First of all, gather up all those WSO's and eBooks you've been buying. Select them all and dump them in a folder on your computer entitled, "Stuff I Don't Need Yet".

    Second, get an online job. I got my first job on Fiverr, writing an article. Now here's the thing... if your article sucks, the buyer is going to let you know. If you write a crappy article for your own site, no one will say anything. They just won't read it. So get a job and learn what's good

    Third, find out what internet marketers are outsourcing and offer that. They're buying articles? What a surprise, I'm writing them! They want video testimonials? Hey look, a webcam! High quality back-links? Craziness, I was just creating the gig! If an internet marketer wants it, you're doing it.

    Fourth, promote the hell out of it. The only way this is going to work is if you are visible. Get on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook. Network, request referrals, ask what other services you can offer. Good help is hard to find so if you're good help, make yourself visible. You'd be doing your potential clients an injustice by not promoting yourself.

    The end result is a paid apprenticeship. You're out there delivering quality work that you know is good enough for the big boys. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you. Now you've got a basic internet marketing education and money to get started on your first venture. Go buy a case of beer and that WSO you've been eyeing. You deserve it.


    PS. I'm on step 3 right now, hitting up Step 4 this weekend. If anyone can tell me how you get those social networking buttons under your avatar, that would be much obliged!
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    you can start your business with affiliate marketing like clickbank and promote one product through hoplink.
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