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I am in the UK but will be flying to the US shortly for a holiday. According to Paypal they may ask me to verify my account whenever I try to access my account from outside of my home country. Wonder if this would be the case if I were to access the account whilst I am in the US as well.

How about if I get a Windows VPS in the UK and manage my account through the VPS instead? Does anyone know of any "cheap Windows VPS" options in the UK that will give me sufficient control to access my Paypal account etc?

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    I always inform Paypal of what I am doing ahead so if there are any flags raised, then it is on record that I have informed them.

    Check out for a cheap VPN service with UK servers
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    I'm from the UK and recently went to the Caribbean, I didn't have any problems logging in. Then again I've heard a lot of people who have either been asked basic questions to gain access, or have had to provide very detailed info. Some say to call PayPal but many say that PayPal still raises a flag on the account as it's all automated. One way around it is to call them and ask for a security card, I think it helps increase security so they are less likely to put a flag on your account if you login from different places. Definitely call them if you're worried.

    ETA: just wanted to add that you need to be very careful when using proxies etc with PayPal as it's again their TOS I believe.
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    Will I be able to use Internet Explorer etc through And will I get a UK IP with them?
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      Send them an e-mail and ask them to put a notation on your account, and ask them to reply to your e-mail to confirm it's been done.

      If you do this there won't be any problems whatsoever.

      Do NOT play games with proxies as Ruth has said, just inform them as I've suggested in advance, then login normally from the US.
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    I went to a different country and have no problem with logging in either. But yeah don't play with proxies just send them an email ahead and I think you should be fine in the US.
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    Fair enough. I'll just drop them an email and let them know. I thought I couldn't avoid the process by using a VPS. I heard of a few incidents where the same account was being restricted numerous times whilst traveling. It didn't sound like something I would like to go through.
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    Don't try to deal with Paypal. I've had my accounts repeatedly frozen while traveling. And the verification process is a hell of a hassle. They may even decide to hold your funds for awhile.

    Making a payment to a domain register outside of country caused paypal to arbitrarily reverse the payment. Which caused the domain register to hijack all my domains, redirecting traffic. Hosting almost shut down to because it was all payed through that account.

    A hell of a mess. And it took several days of lost sales to get everything straightened out. And several days more just to get the domain register to give me back my sites. (Actually it was extortion, I had to pay a bunch of fees according to their TOS to get my domains back).

    Not a pleasant experience while traveling.

    Instead do an end run around their security measures and use a VPN based in your country when you login.
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    I travel a lot, but as always carry my laptop (the PayPal cookie it's installed on it) I never had a problem.
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    Does paypal go by Cookies or by IP? I always thought it was the IP.
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