Here I come: A Rookie IM and a Veteran Writer.

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Dearest Fellow warriors,

Merry Xmas and I pray you have a rocking New Year.

I must have been born with the lucky finger in my mouth that I stumbled across this awesome forum and my hats off to all of you here. The veterans, the rookies and everyone else in between -- the one thing that makes us all so special in here is the fact that we "strive" to do something about our lives.

We belong to that coterie of "action takers".

What? yes. Even asking questions here as newbies catapults us far ahead and places us on the success orbit. Asking questions and learning is an incredible action taking element.

I am a newbie affiliate marketer. I just beginning to dip my toes in the warm waters of Internet Marketing and as everyone has pointed out, it is an ocean indeed. Oh yes, while my toes do all the wiggling, I got to watch for those crabs too :-).However, I am an experienced freelance writer and I am now trying to saddle between my writing and Internet Marketing.

I am here on Christmas eve to state my purpose.

Here on the forum and with a refreshing lease of energy I wish to do what I am very good at: write.

I am a prolific writer and I can churn out well-researched, informative, flawless and intriguing articles which would serve both the search engines and the readers.

I would also do some back-linking, social media marketing, article marketing and article writing, re-writing, forum posting and anything else where my skills could be deployed.

So why am I putting it out here? Because:

-- The need for content has been increasing more than ever; people keep searching for information; the thirst and inquisitiveness will not abate.
-- The Warrior Forum has ears that can listen to ants whispering. The warrior forum is the world and I am now letting the world know.
-- Content is the fuel for our business growth. The scope of marketing has been changing, hasn't it? Customers want solutions, not products; they want value, not price; they want easy access, not location and finally they need information and not promotion.

I know I will amass tremendous support, encouragement and help from my fellow warriors and I know that I will rock, starting now.

I wish you all a great year ahead, all the best for your business.

Here's to your affiliate marketing success.
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    To successfully launch a WSO, beside thinking you can, you will also need to build relationship...If no one knows you yet, what do you think will be the success rate of your WSO?

    I suggest you read more about WSO here

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    • Oops, My mistake. I am going to take that bit about the WSO thing away from my post now. I will focus on meaningful conversations then. I do have a lot to give back here coz I have been reading away the forum posts into the nights.
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    • Originally Posted by tonythomas View Post


      I say go for it. You have a unique writing style
      that a newbie like myself would greatly appreciate.

      Your goal is to deliver a great service / product.

      You have a heartfelt desire to share your talent
      with our community and the world.

      Your enthusiasm permeates your entire being...
      A blind person can see that.

      You do NOT have to establish a relationship with
      me, in order to help my business generate growth?

      I understand that it would make for good practice
      to start a relationship with someone before you
      ask them for their business.

      But remember, EVERY marketer sells / offers, his /
      her, goods / services in different fashions.

      Tell you what... If someone is willing to
      pay your bills, then "possibly" they have a
      right to "start thinking" about giving you
      advice on where you spend your hard earned
      money to advertise your business.

      Keep in mind, everyone is entitled to there
      opinion. That's why it's called a FORUM!

      Opinions, ideas, philosophies, experiences,
      trials, tribulations, knowledge, etc.,
      make forums come alive.

      We need to learn how to eat watermelon and
      "spit out the seeds" we choose not to ingest.

      The people who open your thread and share
      their two cents, are merely "sharing." That's all.

      They're not necessarily telling you what to
      do. They're just giving their opinion.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      Of course you can learn from anyone,
      including those less experienced. However,
      our goal is to glean from the experienced
      marketer who has a relationship with success.

      He / she is on a first name basis with success.

      Taking wrong advice can prove to be costly.
      Heck... It can be downright tragic!

      Recently, I had the good fortune of watching
      a true pro in action.

      Steve Wagenheim (a seasoned fellow Warrior)
      responded to an inappropriate post. He responded
      with poise, grace, and dignity.

      He gave the old lad a "very" mild rebuke, and you
      hardly knew it.

      I think we ought to be "very" careful how we
      respond to people (especially new folk),
      for they not only lack the knowledge, but it's
      very possible they may not have the cultural
      acumen you possess.

      With that said... Ashwin - It's a pleasure
      making your acquaintance my (new) friend,
      and once again, I say go for it!

      Start your WSO!!! So many people need
      your service, including myself!

      Much success in ALL you do,
      Tony Thomas

      PS Welcome to the best place on earth...
      Home of the Warriors!
      Thank you so much for this, Tony, I will remember this for a long time to come. Of course, the WSO will be on. I just forgot that this is a public forum and that everyone is entitled to their own point of view.

      :-) Wow, Warrior Forum does rock. I am already into the War Room and plenty of resources there too. Man, I am glad I did whatever I am doing and I will only want to do more of this.

      Life is lovely.
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