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dear warriors,

i'm a huge mac fan... i've noticed some others here are also... i'm really satisfied for the most part for what is available for use with your mac computer doing internet marketing EXCEPT i cannot seem to locate any article spinner or rewrite software.. does anyone know of any article spinner content that is mac compatible? so far the only thing i've come across is an online based subscription service that is like $20/month which of course can be used by anyone on any type of OS with internet.

P.S. any mac users looking for mac compatible SEO software check out
LinkAssistant SEO Tool - The Most Effective SEO Software they have 4 different SEO programs that are compatible with windows, linux, and mac.... at the present time i'm using the demo versions of there software and i'm impressed so far and thinking i will be purchasing soon, they have a package deal where you get decent discount if you get all there programs at once.
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