How to Use Group Challenges to Grow your IM Business

by bolaji
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Hey Warriors:

I've been thinking a LOT about how to beat procrastination, how to focus, how to conquer info overload, etc.

I was part of an Article Marketing challenge sponsored by Dr. Mani 2 years ago. The challenge was to write 25 articles in 30 days. I hadn't written a single article up until that point. But I completed the challenge successfully.

I later found Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge. That is probably the BEST DONE challenge anywhere. It's mostly for IM newbies, so the content may be old hat for you. But the way Ed hosts that contest is brilliant.

I've been HUGE fan of challenges since then.

Well, I'm playing around with my own first challenge.

It's a simple 7-day challenge. For those interested in the nuts-and-bolts, it uses a Wordpress plugin, Contest Burner, to facilitate the contest.

Here's the YouTube vid that explains the contest:
Let me know what you think. (100% free, btw.)

The 7-day contest takes place next week - June 6-12.

If there's a small project you've been meaning to kick off, but haven't gotten around to, here's a great chance to use some public accountability and support to kick it off.

I'd love your thoughts on the format of the contest, and how I can improve it for the 2nd go around.


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