What would you tell a newbie about social media marketing?

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We've all had our obstacles on getting to where we are but say that a new person comes up to you asking for your help. They want to know how they could start up their business using social media. What would you tell them? How would you get them started?
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    Honestly I'd just direct them to quality forums like warriorforum and tell them to read everything they can.
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      Social media, at least the way I understand it, is not a tool for starting a business. it might be a way to add brand awareness to an existing business, but as far as starting one, I would suggest they do almost everything else first.

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    Social media optimization is only for generating quick traffic for a website in its initial stages but off site optimization is required to run an online business with reputed image on search engine.

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    That Shaq just announced his retirement on Twitter!

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    Well i will definitely try to share my knowledge, and yes my second preference will definitely be to guide him to warrior forum or digital forum!!
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    The most important thing I've found is to make sure they put content first and let the sales take a backseat, people on social networks hate traditional sales pitches.

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    Twitter and facebook are the best among many. You can many people on twitter who would be ready to help you , you can also promote your site or blog at both places.

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