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Hello Warriors,

I know this has been gone over a million times, but it is my number one problem and is what continues to prevent me from taking the action I want to take. I am still trying to figure out what I want my website and business to be about.

I know action is the most important thing in this business, yet at the same time an ill informed action could be quite the loss. That is why I am writing all of this, I want to get all the right data and try some methods to pick what will be a winner.

Whenever I get my ideas I tend to look them up and see a Google search filled with millions of websites and a flooded market. I understand if people are buying then it's a good place to be, but getting them to buy from me when there are thousands more to choose from seems a little iffy to me when I am on a budget at the moment. Don't get me wrong here. When I have money to spend on my business I will spend it, just don't have much to spend at the moment. I am working on getting more so I can invest in this.

Another problem I seem to face is choosing a product that I see actual value in and would want to sell to someone whether it was a family member, friend, or total stranger. I know it's usually expected to choose the niche and then the product but I feel that they go hand in hand and should essentially be picked at the same time unless you are going to make your own. At some point I will do this, just not at this exact point in time. First I want to get down the fundamentals and build a list as well as make some good relationships. After all if I can't sell someone else's product how would I sell my own?

So with all of this in mind I have been considering what I can do to help me get out of this "mindset" and just choose one. So I have been looking around at all the different eBooks, reports, posts, and so forth on these topics. I know things like, Google's hot trends, and some other places are going to be great resources but right now I am still struggling with the raw data and interpreting it into what will monetize and what won't.

So what I am asking here is:

What do you find to be the best way to choose a niche, or what product/eBook has helped you in doing so?

What tools/website do you use that provide accurate data of keywords?

Is there some miracle eBook or website that can help me do niche/keyword research?

How do you choose your product?

Also has anyone here used JJOrana's Diggin for Gold? Looks like it could be fairly solid, especially for seven bucks.


PS If there is anything I left out sorry I kind of got lost in this, just looking for some advice.

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    "Digging For Gold" is a good buy for me; it helped me choose keywords to target after I decided on a general niche. There is no magical ebook that will help you and i am convinced most recommended keyword tools out there are flawed. My advice is stop over analysing, choose a general niche, use the techniques in "Digging for Gold" to identify the best keywords to target then go for it. Good luck
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    1) There are tons of Niche Tools available out there - Free and Paid. However, IMHO, you really don't need any of those Niche Research tools - you can do it manually (considering the fact that you're on a budget). To analyze competition, check the title tags, URL names, and yahoo backlinks of the top-ranking websites for your niche. Also, enter the main keyword for your niche (with quotes) on Google and check the number of results. Anything less than 150,00 is fairly easy to compete with.

    2) To find out whether the niche has demand or not - Use Wordtracker's Free Keyword Tool, Google's Keyword tool, or gTrends.

    3) Don't search for a "miracle" eBook - IM is a game of trial and error. You learn from your mistakes.

    4) Product.. or website? Analyze the competition, its profitability and ways to monetize it.. that's all!
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    You are exactly right...and I'm not suprised you can't find one magic course or product that can teach you the entire A-Z of successful niche discovery.

    Part of the challenge is that to make money online successfully you need a combination of...

    1. A hot niche
    2. A solid product
    3. Good sales letter/copy
    4. Relevant traffic
    5. "Warm" traffic - which means pre-selling
    6. Augmenting with additional up-sells, cross-sells and add-on's

    You could find a hot product that sells like crazy, but if you aren't any good at sending traffic in their direction, then you won't see much in the way of success.

    Alternatively - you could be great at sending traffic their way, but the traffic may not be 100% aligned with the product OR the product may suck OR it just may have a bad sales letter.

    In other words, there are multiple variables which makes the entire process rather tricky.

    All of that said, your safest bet is to find top selling products within a specific niche. If you can stick to a niche that you enjoy or know something about, great...that's not mandatory, but it does help if you can find a top selling product in a niche you have some experience as you can quickly generate content and credibility to drive traffic and pre-sell.

    If you don't have experience in the niche, then you need to be a little more creative about how you generate your content and credibility - interviews, outsource, research, etc...

    Because you asked...and because I've been involved with helping hundreds of people make progress from the exact same point - where you are sort of frozen by the decision, the best place to start is to focus on product research.

    In other words, find out what products are top sellers on Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Lulu - anyplace where people "consume" information so you can tap into existing demand.

    At least then you know their product is good, their sales letter is decent, they likely have a good follow-up system - all you need to focus on is getting traffic to their site and pre-selling that traffic.

    Make sense?

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    Hi Lee,

    I know exactly what you're going through right now. I've been there. You've gotten a lot of great advice already. The best advice I can give is to not OVER analyze too much. You will never know if a niche is a good one unless you test it.

    I just go to the Google keyword tool and see how many searches there are, then go to Google to see look at how many people are optimizing for the keyword phrase in the title (allintitle: keyword) and also do a search in Google with the keyword and nothing else to see what the top sites look like (how many backlinks, page rank, etc.) and judge if it seems easy or difficult.

    I will also see what affiliate programs products and services are out there and see if the payout is good, etc. I did get Diggin For Gold and it is a good read.

    Are you a writer? If so, could do something within that niche? Find out what people need/want and give it to them.

    Today my friend told me something she heard Magic Johnson say - he said something to the effect that it's not about creating demand it's about meeting the demand. And that is what he did when he opened a bunch of Starbucks in urban areas.

    I have to agree that meeting demand is the easiest way to get started.
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      Originally Posted by lstoops View Post

      The best advice I can give is to not OVER analyze too much. You will never know if a niche is a good one unless you test it.
      True that. And if you're short on funds to buy a new website, make a new blogger blog - its free! (Been there, done that =P)
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        You will always do well choosing a niche that interests you, rather than choosing randomly based on profitability. If you aren't "into" the subject, you likely will lose interest quickly and your IM business will become a chore.

        Also, if you know about the subject, it's much easier to comment on it and write articles about it.

        As others have said, over-analyzing can stymie your progress. If you've read as much as you say, it sounds like that's where you are at now - on info overload.

        You probably already know where to look to see which products are selling well. Pick your market and dig down to the products in sub-niches, rather than the top level niche where all the competition is. Like, don't choose weight loss which has millions of competition when you can go to a sub-category like, weight loss for women.

        Choose your topic and start in a small corner, even if the topic is high competition. There is always a segment that is not so competitive. Get your feet wet on the ground floor and work your way up the top dog elevator.

        Over-Analyzing is the worst thing you can do. It can prevent you from ever getting started.

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          Originally Posted by sylviad View Post

          You will always do well choosing a niche that interests you, rather than choosing randomly based on profitability. If you aren't "into" the subject, you likely will lose interest quickly and your IM business will become a chore.
          I agree. I have always followed the advice that if you 'Follow your bliss' then you will end up leading the life you really want.

          Great topic everyone. This is really very helpful information for me at the moment.


          Nothing For Sale Here.

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    Thanks everyone I appreciate all the great feedback. I would love to hear some more.


    PS Lisa you aren't related to Bob Stoops by chance are you?
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      Originally Posted by Lee Campbell View Post

      I would love to hear some more.


      I'm a bit of an evangelist for Ed Dale (et al's) 30 Day Challenge at the mo.

      It's as free as you want it to be.


      Not promoting right now

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    This is my problem right now. I am just starting out and have a catalog with over 3,000 products. I know I shouldn't be putting all of these products out there on the website, and I have done some SEO research on a few niches, but there's so many of the same websites it's crazy.

    Not sure how many of you have thousands of products to choose from, but what would you do? I've thought about selling just candles & accessories, but there were A LOT of sites that list these. Same with bath, bath & body, and home decor. Kind of running out of ideas here, so I thought I would ask the professionals for some opinions. TIA

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    For a list of good keyword tools, visit this thread:
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    One way is to check these 6 social search engines and see what people are talking about relative to a topic you want to work on.
    6 Social Search Engines to Start 2009 | Online Marketing Blog is a good one too for seeing what people are talking about in any niche.

    Another way is reading forums to see what problems people are talking about. The questions and problems that get posted again and again are problems that you could likely make an information product about and find a receptive audience to buy. Write down the related words and terms they use. These are the real keywords. Write down the recurring problems you could solve and questions you could answer with your information product.

    Another way is to do searches for your topic then read everything on the Google results page making a list of the key phrases that come up in the results. The related company names too. Check the adwords ads too. Look at the terms they use and what they are appealing to in their ad. Do some basic KW research on those phrases. Then look at every site on the first page of results. note the terms they use, the categories they use, what they sell. Make a lot of notes.

    This is real time keyword research, the words people are using now to talk about whatever niche. 50% of all search terms are used only once. How people talk and what they write online is a real clue to keywords they use.

    If you don't mind spending $25-60 bucks on a niche that already looks good, make a survey, offer them something like a free report to answer, get them on a list using adwords for a fast result.

    If you get a lot of people answering and they reply to questions about problems you can solve with an information product you have a high likelihood of success.
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    Hi Lee,

    You should definitely check out this thread:

    - Jared


    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    Use Market Samurai to do your keyword research.
    They do all the hard work for you.

    For All Your Website Traffic Needs visit Easy Website Traffic Coaching!

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