My two year anniversary here...

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Today marks the two year anniversary of joining the Warrior Forum. At that time, I was so committed to making a go of building a business online, I was willing to work on Christmas Day.

Two years later, I'm technically not working on Christmas Day -- I used Skype to talk to family members and just dropped by to post this:

Make a plan, work it and you'll be able to CHOOSE whether or not you work on Christmas Day.
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    work a plan stick to it , and you will see yourself working on christmas day
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      Hi Vince,

      Once visited Harrisburg and Hershey but not yet Scranton - I checked out your local marketing offerings - good job, you're diversified on and off the 'net.

      "The electric city", huh?
      You know, those street cars might yet return in some future guise....

      Good luck for 2009 - the "year of The Ox"!
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    • Originally Posted by Bev Clement View Post

      Happy Anniversary Vince, just think what it would have been like if you hadn't found the WF, and hadn't had me nagging you :p
      I'd have had less success and more headaches! BTW, don't believe Bev when she talks about "nagging" -- if anything, I nagged HER to get tough on me and challenge me.

      She did.
      "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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    I joined last August, mostly being a voyuer checking out the lay of the land, only recently jumping in with posts... I have to say Vince, you are one that I have noticed and learned from. Most of your advice is dead on and offered freely, which is much appreciated for a newbie like me. Your contributions to the "Offline Cash Cow" thread are priceless and I modeled my budding offline efforts from much of your advice.
    Congrat's Vince and Good Luck...
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