New Search Engine To Defeat Google et al.?

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Hello Warrior,

Just read an article in this magazine I have a subscription on. The article featured an interview with the people from blekko | slashtag search

Blekko is a new search engine (the 109841 billionth search engine) Something sparked my interest though. In this article they made a very bold statements that there algorhytm is much better than Google's and use other methods to get better search results.

I don't know about you folks, but if a smart company like this start kicking the big boss, then there will sure be some action going on.

Just a heads up on what could be the next big shift in IM.


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    trust me, google is invincible...unless you resurrect Einstein to join your team. there are great many thinkers there are google.

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    That's sort of like saying that there is a female singer out there that's even better and more outrageous than Lady Lady Gaga, you had better watch out!

    It doesn't really work like that - it's all about marketing power, and Google has ridiculous amounts of it.
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    Remember The Great Google Killer? Yeah, me either....
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    Yeah I think Google has at least 5-10 good years left. I'm pretty sure they'll start slipping sooner or later, I think we're already seeing some signs of that.

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    Google is too firmly entrenched for any other search engine to even make a dent any time soon.

    Kind of like eBay, plenty of other auctions sites out there and even ones that are/were better but once your name is a household word (and in googles case even commonly used as a verb) it's pretty hard for anyone to come along and upset the cart.

    Gone Fishing
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      Well, let's see; with $20billion+/yr in revenue and growing at 20%/yr, I don't see anything on the horizon to seriously go head to head against Google anytime soon. :rolleyes:
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    I think Google is going to be the number one heavy hitter for some time to come.
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      For a company that claims to be ready to take down Google, they sure do need a lot of tissue and red cups on their messy desk in the background of a ghetto office... probably from crying realizing the fact that they really can't compete with google.

      (watch the vid)

      -Red cup: to catch their tears
      -Tissues: to blow their noses

      Ain't gonna happen. Even if they had a CHANCE... I can't see anyone saying, "Hey, how do monkeys reproduce?"
      --"I donno, Blekko it!"

      no... everyone says, "Google it."

      And to even begin to have a CHANCE at competing with Google (as in, qualify for the race in the first place), they'd need a HELLUVALOT more services and features. They don't even have a basic email service setup. YAHOO has email services and they're the worst search engine in all the interwebz. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're going under!

      It's cool that you can "slash" the web, but there are things you can do in Google to get results like this too.

      This situation reminds me of Facebook and Twitter. Except, instead of the face smashing a bird, it's a googleplex overpowering some slimy oobleck (any Dr. Seuss fans in the house?)

      All bashing aside, I think there will be some creative marketing slants anyone can utilize in the near future for some fun traffic techniques. Although, that spam button next to each result could get old fast for marketers trying to make a buck.


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    Google will never ever lose it's influence.
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