Will this site convert?

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Hello forum members,

I just built a new site for an amazon product and I am wondering if I can get some feedback. What do you think and do you think it will convert?

Thanks in advance,

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    What site? hemorrhoids or hair removal???

    If it's the hemorrhoids site, I would offer the product immediately...something just tells me that people with THAT type of pain aren't looking to sign up for a list and WAIT for an answer to show up in their INBOX at some "unknown" date. They want a solution NOW!!!
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    !!!!ha! ....I forgot to put the url in the post...here it is...I must be getting tired.


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    I get the call to action but with it in that sidebar it almost feels 'seperate' than the actual page which feels more like an informational blog post than a sales page..

    I know what the by now button is for but with it feeling so segregated I think some of your audiences could look at it and wonder what it is they are buying with the button..

    Maybe have it instead of Buy Now say Buy the LG Optimus V Now! or Get The LG Optimus V for only... Click Here To Buy Now..

    something shortened too to highlight the major points.. like a quick summary at the top with a buy button and then the details below it with antoher buy button.. and one last thing would be more visual effects that make the features stand out and visually seperate the different sections, something that could be easily achieved with the use of more varied colors and character strength and size
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      Hyperlink your image to the salepage on Amazon. One thing that people lik eto do is click on images.

      The image is in the hottest spot on your page, no reason why you can't take advantage of that.

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