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I am a custom shirt printer and I am trying to build my brand: Ace Of Shirts.

My main niche is coming up with cool/goofy shirt sites where I can make custom shirts one at a time. Each site is based on a different niche. You can see a couple of them in my signature.

My question is:

Should I make a FaceBook Fan Page for each site and put a "Like Box" on each site corresponding to that particular page or just make one "Ace Of Shirts" Fan Page and put that on every site?

I think making a different page for each site makes the most sense. If somebody "likes" my QR Code Shirts website then everyone will see the link to the shirt website and it would make more sense to them than seeing a "like" for Ace Of Shirts.

But, I currently have about 12 different sites (and I seem to add at least 1-2 per month) I'm working on and managing all the Fan Pages could become a hassle. So just the one AOS Fan Page might be a better way to go. I would then have the potential of one fan page with a lot of likes compared to 12 fan pages with all the likes spread among them each. I only have one twitter account for the same reason.

Any opinions?

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    I would just use the one fan page. Things will get a little complicated when you have 12+ fan pages to run. Besides, building up your brand name would be a good thing so getting the name 'Ace of Shirts' out there would be a lot more powerful in my opinion.
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      I agree with Will. Having multiple pages to worry about would become a hassle and time constraint. When would you have time to work on the shirts or other projects?
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    Having multiple pages may make it complicated for you, but you could use something like hootsuite to simplify that.. but for better targetting you would want to have a different page for each site.. that way you can target your messages to people who like QR shirts.. whereas someone who liked your silly slogan shirts may not give a rats ass about your QR shirts site discount offer, and might even wonder why they made the connection to the fb page anyway and potentially lose that valuable connection..

    The better you can target and fine tune your audiences the better as far as generating conversions with your messages

    I would have a page for each individual website as well as an overall brand page - share specific messages on each individual page related to that specific site and also messages for all sites in your brand on your brand page, like the people above said it can be more time consuming and a lot of hassle but if you are serious about leveraging the power of social media marketing then you will want to do it right the first time..

    Also as a side note like buttons generally return more clicks then a brands like box.. so use a like button but override the url to that of your fb page and it will have the same effect as like box, but as a like button instead..
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    Yeah, one fan page is far easier to run than 12+.

    Like Will said, it'll be great for branding. You could always list the sites you have in the "info" page and keep adding them as you make more. Send out a broadcast to the "liker's" for each new website that you add.

    Sounds pretty solid and branched out. People will get the perception of success too if you have all of the sites under one brand name on the page.

    Good Luck!
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    Can you set different landing pages on the same fanpage profile?

    For instance, can you set up a landing page for traffic coming from Print on Demand and another landing page for traffic from QR Code Shirts, etc?

    If this is possible, I would just have one fanpage branding your company Ace of Shirts, and have the different traffic land on different landing pages within your fanpage.

    I know this used to be possible using "Tabs" but I'm not sure this is still how Facebook is setup.
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    I will suggest to create 1 fan page. But on the page itself has category to each one of your niche which is link to your page.

    I would suggest using wordpress on the FanPage as it easy to maintain and it's WordPress. Hehe
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    Like Will said, it'll be great for branding. You could always list the sites you have in the "info" page and keep adding them as you make more. Send out a broadcast to the "liker's" for each new website that you add.

    Sounds pretty solid and branched out. People will get the perception of success too if you have all of the sites under one brand name on the page.

    Good Luck!
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    I think you should start with just 1 fan page targeting your best niche. Once you've build up a strong following, then you can use that particular page to link to your other pages. You may also consider using other platforms for your other niches.

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    I'd like to thank everyone for their input.

    The best idea seems to be to try to find a way to create "sub pages" for each site into one big Fan Page.

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  • From a pure management pint of view have one fanpage with a tab for each website.

    Only issue I can see is that when it comes to writing to each of your fans is that you will send same message to each of their inboxes so if you want to write to your fans about your QR code shirts all fans will receive same message.

    This may be ok if they are closely related.

    If this does not make sense PM me as 97% of fanpage owners don't know how to send messages to their fans inbox, most think they can only communicate via new feeds and wall posts.
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    If you do decide to create individual fan pages you can always outsource it so that it so you wouldn't be spread to thin. You can put your shirts on ebay and then use this program called FacebookStoreGenerator to create a ebay store or amazon store on your fanpages.
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    correct me if im wrong but the first thing you should do before creating a fan page is to make tons of friends. once you have like 4000 (the max) and you create a page, its simply gonna grow like a virus.
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    One page is the way to go - I'd rather have all my fans in one place rather then having them segregated.
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    You'll wanna create ONE fan page man. You gotta think about the overall brand which is Ace Of Shirts, and its Ace Of Shirts that makes all those awesome/wacky designs.

    You can then have all kinds of cool pics of your stuff within your Fan Page.

    Always keep your BIG brand in mind, that is who you want people to know, like and trust. Do that, and you'll kill it!
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    Don't make fan page, try to create a Mini website on iframe with all products and service page like normal website. If possible create a shopping cart on facebook, this will increase your conversion.
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    i suggest to make a group either u make a fan page. people will more take interest it.
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    My suggestion is to start branding "Ace Of Shirts" on ALL of the different niches, tie them all back to the main company and the main brand then have the one Ace of Shirts facebook page and you can split it up through albums, notes, and different updates.

    Hope this helped.
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