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I was interested in becoming a reseller of this website, I have seo knowledge and I think it will be a good deal.

What do you guys think, is this a good business to start with.
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    If you have skill why not, Good Luck .
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    Yea thanks for your advice, 1500$ is big but worth if it succeeds, this is a risk for me but I would give it my best. What I am doing is taking their service of article writing fro my free classifieds website and see results of it on my website ranking.

    Its always good to use product on our-self before selling it to others.
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    I should suggest endlessrise
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    Hello classiqa,

    I'm bumping this thread because I am also interested in this reseller program. Anyone here have any experience with it?
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    I would consider that service if I had chances to sell SEO services to business rather than webmasters. Business usually pay more, and Submit edge services are not the cheapest around so you may need clients with nice budgets.
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    Thanks for your opinion Alex. My directory biz provides me with the opportunity to sell to both businesses and webmasters.
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