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Given the condition of the economy I am beginning to think that hiring local may be one of the great opportunities right now. Talented, educated, experienced and well trained people eager to find work.

Warriors often pay a premium for graphics, video, and content that could be hired out locally at better rates with better quality control and results.

So many people with so much unique talent available for hire locally... if you think that the global marketplace is competitive... imagine competing for jobs in the local marketplace.

Its amazing what kind of talent respondes for a $12-$17hr position advertised on Craigslist.
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    True, I update a clients websites for around $15 an hour. Just needed the work.

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    That makes sense, hiring locally or looking for work locally means less competition (depending on the demand of the job you want to apply or outsourced) and more likely to be hired compare to global marketplace;
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      I personally try and hire people right out of college, relating to what their education is.

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    Sorry I am feeling a tad bit lost in this thread?

    Hiring people to do what? Build sites?
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      I Love to hire local even with overseas such a bargain.
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        I always hire locally. Had too many bad experiences outsourcing work to people who barely spoke English and were only available via instant messenger or email. No offense, but communication is integral to getting a project completed, especially design or programming projects. I've also found people tend to be more honest and dependable when you have their local phone number.

        Plus, hiring locally puts money back into your community.
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