How to setup a Affiliate Network for physical and digital products?

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There is all in the title.

I would like to start a project to setup a network in Brazil.

It should be as easy as possible to get started, but as solid as possible to manage all kind of products.

What would be the best way to do this, start out?

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    If you want to start an affiliate network, but don't know what an affiliate network is, then I suggest you first learn about affiliate networks. Learn it intently.

    Then write up design specifications and hire somebody to code it.

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    I guess the first step would be to actually find out whether there is a market for this in Brazil?
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    There are several good affiliate management scripts online that could be installed on your server, Then it's just a matter of promoting it to your market area. Honestly from reading your question/post I really don,t have enough information as to give you a really good answer, it depends on exactly what and for what you are trying to do.
    Good luck! there are several membership scripts online that have affiliate management modules built in also.
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