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by brit16
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I have been completing fiverr gigs for a little over a month now. I went on tonight and activated my pay pal account and requested that fiverr transfer the money. How long does it take to get the money to pay pal and for me to have access to it? Thanks, I have never used pay pal before!
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    Hi Brit.

    Once you've completed a Fiverr gig it usually take 14 days to clear on their site before you can transfer it to PayPal.

    When you've transfered it to PayPal you can withdraw it to your bank immediately. I think it may be a few working days before you can lift it from your bank though, as it has to clear there too. Probably depends what bank you're using.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Jamie D
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      Yep thats right 2 weeks before you can get it from your Paypal account.
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        Get a PayPal debit card and you can get it immediately at any ATM. (after the 2 weeks LOL)
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    I have already made $184 on fiverr, but I just now requested that it be transferred. All but $8 has already cleared on fiverr's end. I was just curious how long it takes to get from fiverr to paypal and then how long until I can take it out of the bank. If I understand right, it will be a couple days from fiverr to paypal, and then a couple more days to clear the bank. I bank with bank of america.

    New to IM, any honest advice appreciated!

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    It goes directly to you PayPal from Fiverr instantly. As soon as you request it. Just need to go to your email inbox and confirm it.

    Then when you transfer it to you bank from PayPal your bank may need a couple of days to clear things before you can withdraw it from there.

    I'm in the UK so I'm not sure about BOA's term's and condition's for this PayPal clearances. I imagine it would not be too long like most big banks.
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