Want to extract content from one site and move to another — without enraging search engin

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I built up a site with about 40-50 high quality posts, but think it's time to redirect the effort. It's a standard blog that needs to be revamped and given a new identity. All of the content will work in the next concept, just under a different name and revamped imagery. That said, I want to:
  • make it as painless as possible in terms of the actual moving of the posts. I'm sure this is a long copy/paste procedure, unless there is a plugin somewhere that can move stuff over — text and images.
  • avoid messing things up with the search engines. If I delete the current domain after the transfer of content has been made, will this cause any issues because this same content has been indexed under the previous domain name? I guess what I'm trying to say is will this cause any confusion, duplicate content problem, anything like that?
Need some sound advice on how to proceed.

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    If your moving between Wordpress blogs, you can use the built in database backup function to backup and restore posts, may have to manually import graphics.

    If you retain the old domain, you can setup a 301 redirect with the registra which will redirect any links to the new site's root. This is the search engine way to transfer pr to the new site. It's worth spending time contacting all of the link sources and advising them that the link needs to be updated, keeping the exact directory structure in the new site will allow a generic notification to be used: "Please replace oldDomain.com part of te link with with NewDomain.com" yahoo site explorer gives a reasonably complete list of link sources (if under 1000)

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