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Allright, really simple question today regarding KWD.

I want to find the KWD for 'dating' in a text. The word dating occurs 20 times. However, 5 times, dating is not alone. Example: "Internetdating is fun."
The word 'dating' still appears, however, it's tied up with another word (internet).

Do I still count this word as a part of the KWD, or should I only include 'dating' whenever it's alone?

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    I'm not clear as to why you are searching for and counting keywords, are you measuring kw frequency on your site?

    Combined with other words like Internetdating, make a "long tail" which gets fewer searches but has less competition and is easier to rank for.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    I see no need for caring that much about Keyword Density. Even if you do, you still don't know the appropriate KD. I know that some marketers say it is between 3% and 8%. Others say it is 12%, 5%, etc. But no one actually knows. Google will never reveal such things. Google says "Make pages primarily for users not for search engines". If they disclose the right KD, people will care more about it than about making content readable for users.

    I suggest that you make your content as natural to human beings as possible. Users are search engines main source of revenue. If you please them, you’ll please search engines too!

    Hope this helps.
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      "Internetdating" is not a real word. Why not use Internet dating, and then you can easily calculate KWD if you want to.
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    As already mentioned, there's no way to really know, what the "right" keyword density should be.

    I normally go for 2-3 % percent, becaus I find, that my content gets too annoying to read and looks a bit spammy if the density is higher.

    I wouldn't count "internetdating" as part of the density for the keyword "dating" unless there is space between the two (which of course isn't the case if your content is danish )
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