What do you want from a ghostwriter?

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I'm interested in learning how you grade or rate ghostwriters. To put this another way, how do you decide whether or not to hire a ghostwriter for a second project?

Also, how do you choose a ghostwriter you've never worked with before?

Thanks, in advance, for any and all input.

Doug, the old ad pro
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    Originally Posted by Dougger1 View Post

    how do you decide whether or not to hire a ghostwriter for a second project?
    Generally, I think you form an impression of how valuable their input into the first project was to your business.

    Specifically, I think there'll be many and various factors which make up that overall impression, including perhaps the bottom line results, the feedback you've had from other people, how you think your project compares with competing ones, and whether your expectations of all of those points have been disappointed, matched or exceeded.

    Originally Posted by Dougger1 View Post

    Also, how do you choose a ghostwriter you've never worked with before?
    I think mostly by checking out their website, their previous work and testimonials carefully, and by getting recommendations (from both writers and clients, if possible). And by talking with them enough to be able to form your own impression of how they sound/seem, in comparison with their competitors.
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    There really is not best answer. I've worked with writers that started off great and then they took advantage of me later on (outsourcing their work - obviously to a much worse writer). I've had others that never waiver.

    The one thing I can advise, is to check their work - all of it, and all of the time to make sure you're getting original work and not something that has been swiped off someone else's site. If you put it on your site, you'll be responsible and you'll probably not even be able to contact the writer anymore...
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    A great relationship and a trustworthy ghostwriter what I really want.

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    Here's what I did...

    A year or so ago I posted on elance for some short reports (10-20 pages) to be written had a bunch of people respond and I picked 10 different ones to complete the project based on budget, quality of work, time to complete, knowledge and expertise and how easy they were to manage during the timeframe.

    Even after reviewing their previous work and determining that all 10 could do a decent job only 2 of them got rehired for other things so I was able to quickly and easily find my top 20% to use for other projects.

    What'd it cost to do? All the bids were roughly $50-$75 so at most $750 to get 10 high quality reports ghostwritten and to find my writers for more involved projects.

    Before hiring my better writers for higher priced work I have them do other small reports on that topic first to see if I still like the way they write on that particular subject matter.

    I did a similar thing for basic sales copy and had similar results.
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