What Do High-End Marketing Agencies Do?

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I was talking with a friend that said his company was paying some marketing/branding company $15,000 per MONTH to do their Internet marketing. And they don't even do AdWords or any kind of PPC advertising.

Okay, so, their website got a facelift but was nothing special. Their seo is decent, but it's not like they still get little traffic and practically no leads from their website. One of the employees posted to their blog and did their social networking. So what's left?

What could a marketing company possibly do to command $15K per month?
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    Besides what you mentioned they are probably involved in offline marketing as well. Generating copywrite for magazines or other media spots to get people visiting their site.

    Aside from this, direct marketing campaign and buying ads in targeted web pages is probably some of the game plan.

    But I did see in another thread a warrior commenting how the company where she works charges around $10k for the premium package for their clients.



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    $15K a month is peanuts out of a big corporate marketing budget. I know companies that spend that much on coffee and biscuits for meetings (seriously!).

    If you are playing in the big league, the numbers are all very big. You can easily spend $15k a month on SEO, but there is much more to big-brand marketing strategies than building a few backlinks. When I was a freelancer, I had a number of clients who would say "money isn't a problem on this account..."
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    When your getting into that level of marketing budget's (which is still LOW compared to most corporations) your looking at an environment dominated by branding.

    Brand building is far from cheap, especially when you reach a certain level. Why do you think companies are chomping at the bit to find those "secrets" to brand building through Facebook and Twitter? Because it costs less money and can provide greater results.
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    Campaigns of that caliber are usually closely meshed with offline PR campaigns. One helps compliment the other, which is why they are such big budget. Plus the internet marketing companies gotta deal with the corporate BS typically associated with it, so thats a 50% markup right there
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      Most big companies don't care about performance, they just want to be on the cutting edge.

      I know large companies that pay someone $20k per month to run their twitter account! Some of these companies won't think twice when you quote them $15k to setup a simple wordpress site...

      It's really all about the customer and their image of you...

      - Justin
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        I suspect that part of what they do is to offer packages or marketing strategies to clients who can afford them. Not being silly here, but that part counts a lot.

        If you have a marketing services that you can charge big bucks for, it makes sense to offer them to clients who can pay. And if you offer them in a non-direct marketing way, where there is a fixed price every month no matter what, then you can get clients on a long term basis by keeping them happy.

        Keeping them happy in the more traditional ad agency way means you do not have to prove results that came from your marketing. You have to show that you spent the money. There are many places that simply allow a certain portion of their revenue for advertising and marketing regardless of the results.

        Its easy to account for. I do these three things and you give me this amount of money. It is harder sometimes to convince people to measure the results of their marketing dollars. That is often a hurdle in trying to get new clients from a DM point of view. it's simply easier to pay the monthly invoice.

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    As a former Creative Director for a top 10 ad agency and direct marketing firm, I can assure you that $15K a month is not a big budget at all.

    A marketing firm for a small to mid sized company as it sounds like this is - would likely split up the money into $5K/month in PR (press releases, getting trade and local press, etc...), $5K per month in web (seo, etc...) and $5K in brand building (ads, direct mail, etc...)
    And that doesn't get a whole bunch overall. In agencies, my time billed out at $350 per hour and even now, my fee is $250/hr for marketing consulting (and I'm cheap compared to many I know).

    The key is - whatever you are charging - deliver greater value than what you receive and you'll never want for a client and can consistently raise your fees till you reach a balance where you're charging a very healthy rate (yet still overdelivering).

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