how to make money in Squidoo?

by sompo
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i just join squidoo a few month ago and posting 5 articles....but the problem is i can't get rank in google search engine. I wish someone could help me.
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    do they have the right keyword density? did you try doing a linkwheel? adding backlinks?
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    Hi Sompo,

    just noticed David's reply and was going to ask the same thing:

    Did you choose good keywords and did you optimize your page for those keywords?

    And then, of course, did you build some good backlinks for your lenses? Without that, they're not very likely to rank.

    Also, link those lenses to each other (provided they're in the same niche).

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    There are many ways in which you can monetize your lens. For example you can promote your affiliate products, Amazon books, Ebay store or you can use Google AdSense PPC ads.

    Let them eat cake!

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    squidoo is too saturated. not worth getting into.
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      Originally Posted by lacraiger View Post

      squidoo is too saturated. not worth getting into.
      The Internet is too saturated. not worth getting into.
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        Originally Posted by RSingha View Post

        The Internet is too saturated. not worth getting into.

        The key here is having your site SEO'd correctly and building links. Also as mentioned remember that Squidoo can just shut down your lense but it is a great way to start on a budget. Just be prepared to lose that lense and have a back up.

        My advice would be to get the lense ranked and after you are making some money build your own site on your own domain and then link the lense to it if your tryin to save some money.
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    Most people I know using Squidoo do this to get more backlinks to their main site
    and that will give them a higher rank in the Search Engines
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    I have been a big fan of Squidoo and have had much success creating lenses and getting traffic. My biggest advice is to find keywords as if you were making adsense sites. My goal with every lens is getting $10 per lens from just the revenue share. This is really easy to do with the right keyword research, then seo optimize your lens by utilizing the title and subtitle fields with your keywords. Also you will need at least 3 text modules with 100 to 200 words.

    Main title= <h1>
    Module title= <h2>
    Module subtitle= <h3>
    User name= <h4>

    Use these tags to your advantage with your keywords. The key is to laser target ONLY ONE keyword/phrase. If your niche has other good keywords you found, just build another's free!

    Also I have found for some reason if you have affiliate products, they convert a lot better on squidoo for some reason. I stumbled on this with a WoW gold affiliate lens. On squidoo I was making about $250 a week in just affiliate commissions. Then I got the big Squidoo slap and they took my lens down because they didn't like what I was pushing. I said, ok, I'll just make my own website and I already know which keyword to target. I got my main site and several of my posts to front page of google but for some reason it wasn't converting near as good as it was on Squidoo for some reason.

    For really tough niches and keywords with heavy competition I mask a keyword rich domain to the lens and this is extremely effective and is much easier to rank in google than a new website. You can really do some serious damage on squidoo with a UAW account and couple of fiverr gigs.
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      you can also promote your article through various legal means. Example yahoo answer,email marketing,etc. It also help to rank your article
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        Take the content you wrote for your Squidoo lens and copy it to your hard drive.

        Delete your Squidoo lens.

        Take your content and build your own website.

        Promote the heck out of that website instead of building up someone else's property, where they can pull the rug out from under you at any moment.

        Just my opinion, of course.

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        Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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    Also focus that you have picked up the right keywords and then do link building tasks for those lenses to get rank.
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    Why do Squidoo? I think you'd do better on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook or LinkedIn at least you can tie into large groups quicker. I don't get the Squidoo strategy. I had lens and long abandoned them.

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    its not saturated. I've been doing squidoo since infancy and still today I get ranked quickly than a normal site does. It's because squidoo is an authority site which you piggy back on. Using the right keywords and right content will bring you up into the ranks no matter what.

    Take the entire url and c/p into search bar. If your lens is anywhere on the first page then you're good. If not then you need more work and there's a green bar at the top right of your lens that will tell you what needs to be done to make it 100% complete. Of course there's a few tricks to add to your lens as well but thats another story.

    As a domainer, what I don't catch at register I make it up at squidoo for some great keywords action.

    Squidoo is still alive and kicking. In fact I just sold my first chromebook at amazon using squidoo.
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    And I sold 2 Kindles and some accessories off my squidoo lens...and these weren't through the Amazon modules either, I made posts with the images pointing directly to Amazon for the full commish.

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      Originally Posted by Terri LC View Post

      And I sold 2 Kindles and some accessories off my squidoo lens...and these weren't through the Amazon modules either, I made posts with the images pointing directly to Amazon for the full commish.

      Terri, that is the best way of doing it. Amazon commissions are already pretty miniscule to say the least. I actually had someone from odesk develop a generator for me that makes perfect little amazon ads quickly and easily. Like the amazon ad posts on this lens I built for a client: Kids Sleeping Bags - Tips and Reviews

      I actually utilize the the amazon associates tool bar to link to the actual review page with my associate ID and not just the product page. This works really well for review type lenses since most browsers want to read reviews on the products.
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    I hope you created lenses with quality content it shouldnt be spammy. basically some adds various affiliate and also site , squidoo itself has modules like amazon, ebay etc which can be used. the main key is to create good quality relevant content

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    Newbie question; its true that I can make money as an affiliate on squidoo without bild a list?
    I think this Web2.0 traffic does not convert?

    with best wishes and sucess
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