What is the best membership site plugin for WP?

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I have a client with a site built on wordpress. He wants to turn a portion of it into a full-blown membership site where he will offer all sorts of tools, downloads, resources, videos, and other stuff to paying members.

The problem is that I have never built a membership site before and my area of expertise is certainly not in actually building sites. Almost all of my sites are simple wordpress blogs.

I've seen information in the past about plugins that will do this sort of thing. So I went searching and found these three...


So, my question is...

Which of those three is best? Or is there a better one than those out there that I just didn't find?

It needs to be fairly easy to set up and use. I'm sure I can figure it out either way but the site owner has far less experience than I do.

Note: I did find another thread here discussing this same thing. But it was from more than 2 years ago and we all know the "best" stuff on the internet changes quickly. So I am looking for updated opinions on this matter. Thanks!
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